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By Sophistocles

***The Truth is hidden from us, always and in Every Way. Concealment IS the basic Essence of Truth. But Christ Himself did say ‘Seek and ye shall find,’ so truly we MUST quest after the Hidden Answers constituting our “reality.” That is the point of this column — to BRING FORTH the truth as it is. Some may call it conjecture, but they are Bound to Darkness, staring at Shadows On the Wall. We are tasked to reveal to them The Path To Light. We, these Harbingers of Truth.***

“There IS a World of Symbols, and these Symbols HAVE power.” – Unknown 

No greater spiritual coup has been perpetrated on Modern Peoples than the institutionalization of Thanksgiving Day. Its horror was maximized to an obscene effect by the subequent consecration of the Macy’s Day Parade. It is only by keeping the Power of Symbols in the cornia of our mind’s eye that we might understand the criminal Satanism underway within it. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Charade is nothing short of an official, yearly mega-dosing of Raw Satanism into the American Psych-Stream. The marriage between Macy’s the Occult Superstore and Thanksgiving Day was born out of the evilest wellsprings of spiritual Darkness yet known to our Quantum Ethersphere.

And it has given rise to a deeply fucked up ritual.

Roker, Couric, Lauer. The henchmen of a larger, more sinister cause.

T.V.’s Satanic Triumvirate. Recall that Cerberus, the three headed dog guarding safe passage to the river Styx in Ancient Myth, served a very similar purpose. Image courtesy of Flickr.

Thanks to Richard Cassaro, Esteemed Blogger and Author of Written In Stone: Decoding the Secret Masonic Religion Hidden in Gothic Cathedrals and World Architecture, we have a full and systematic diagnosis of the techniques employed by the Elite Secret Keepers on our 3D Worldscape. With a passion for Full Disclosure, and in hopes of forewarning the maximum number potential converts to the slave mentality of the NEW World Order, I have republished his list of Macy’s Seven Deadly Sins below.

With pictures, for your edification.

America is fucked.

Satanic issues of Time Magazine found on Richard Cassaro’s website

#1 – Pentagram Logo 

“Macy’s has adopted the ancient Pentagram for its logo. The symbol is powerful beyond comprehension. The pentagram has been associated with high spirituality for millennia. Instead of using it to teach spiritual principles,  however, the company is using it to control the minds of the masses.”


From truth teller Richard Cassaro’s Website

#2 – Magic Colors 

“Macy’s uses red and white in most of its advertising, promotions, coupons, television commercials and more. These are the same colors the Nazis used. Why? Because both Macy’s and the Nazis knew that red and white are two colors that naturally attract the masses.”

magic of macys

#3 – Magic “Believe” Slogan

Macy’s has coupled their Pentagram logo with a powerful “Believe” slogan. The two go side-by-side in ancient systems of magic (as we shall see).

Macy's thinks you should support the NWO

From truth tell Richard Cassaro’s website. For more on OWLS and their occult significance see Harbinger of Truth Vol. 1, linked below.

#4 – Macy’s High Holy Days

“Macy’s appears to have hijacked and co-opted Thanksgiving and Christmas, and now seems to be attempting to do the same with the 4th of July, changing the inherent meaning of these holidays and transforming them into ‘days of shopping.'”*

Satan on his chariot

“Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924 shows a float with Santa bearing theMacy’s pentagram logo.” Image and caption originally published by Richard Cassaro on Richardcassaro.com

#5 – Movies That Shape American Culture

“Macy’s is apparently using movies and films to plant the seeds of consumerism on the unsuspecting American mind.”

Macy’s has been at this for a long time. Image courtesy of RichardCassaro.com

#6 – Archetypical Images

“Macy’s appears to have somehow come to possess ancient knowledge regarding archetypical images that attract the unconscious mind. These images have been “installed” throughout its stores.”

Satanism is affecting our nations children.

Satanic Mayor Thomas M. Menino reading to kids, flanked by two men wearing clothes designed to mimic the Astral Garb. Image courtesy of Flickr.

#7 – Occult Symbols Encoded In Architecture

“Macy’s uses ancient occult symbols throughout the architecture of its stores. This architecture seems to be designed to attract the masses who are unconsciously drawn to these symbols.”

Rectangle? Not quite.

See the posterior angle, and how it protrudes. Designed for maximum subconsious appeal. Image from RichardCassaro.com

For more about the complex ways that Symbols exhibit Ultimate Power, and an exhaustive History of how Ancient Pagan Symbols have carried on into Modern Times, see Harbinger of Truth Vol 1. In this prescient hour, we have only time enough to form our Observations on certain assumptions. I will therefore assume that you, Reader, have recieved this knowledge P.U.R.E. In Spirit and A.W.A.R.E of the task at hand.

*Not exactly unreasonable