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All words: Sophistocles

***The Truth is hidden from view, at All Times and in Every Way. Concealment IS the primordial Essence of Truth. But Christ Himself did say ‘Seek and ye shall find,’ so truly we MUST quest after the Hidden Answers constituting our “reality.” That is the central agenda of this column: to SUMMON FORTH the truth as it is.***

“On the Day for Laborers in the Final Year, it is I to whom the World will be Delivered.” – Satan


I write this while kneeling humbly at the soot-stained feet of the American Worker.

Can a sturdier alter than He be found among the piled, polluted wreckage of Modern History?


It will here be demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that Labor Day was specifically designed to mock and prolong the servitude of the American Worker, and that it was NOT designed as a day to champion the so-called “social and economic achievement” of those workers, as the Department of Labor would have us naively believe.

Labor Day will be shown here for what it is: a betrayal at the highest levels of American Political/Spiritual Power.

Any readers already Aware that the Human Species inhabits a world forever dominated by Satanic Forces whose sole Earthly project is to Consolidate Power will be tragically unsurprised by the information I am so dangerously close to unleashing.

Whether we look back to centuries past and solemnly remember the countless American Laborers of the 19’th Century who, by the bundle, died while constructing the first Transcontinental Railroad, or instead pause to send our silent praise to the tired, nameless young Americans working long, undignified hours assembling Apple products, one thing about Labor Day ought to be beyond clear: At the very least, more than one day a year ought to be sanctioned for heaping praise upon the Chinese American worker.


If only Labor Day hadn’t been cleverly designed by SATANISTS and other HIGH RANKING ILLUMINATI OFFICERS to fulfill an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FUNCTION. Then we’d be More Than Justified in proclaiming that there ought to be more holidays like it.

Alas, it was designed instead to DESECRATE the American Worker.

You have only to consider the following as a point of entry into the Truth: The American Laborer will be celebrated this weekend. Meanwhile, much-higher-than-normal quantities of bagged suburban garbage will find itself ready to be hauled away the very next morning, even before the sun has managed to ILLUMINATE the sky — the Nation will together present this garbage as a gift, if you will, to the noble garbage men to whom this Holiday is supposed to be dedicated.

To the untrained eye, it might seem that Labor Day marks a kind of victory of the average American Worker over his Supine Master. These sorts of mistakes are why eyes REQUIRE training.

Labor Day is nothing less than the American Laborer’s conciliation prize for being an ineffective political force for change. It’s so much more than that, though, too. It is a day to which the name of the The Laborer has been sarcastically and cruelly attached. This was accomplished by a man whose face appears on a bill that has two-too-many zeros to be found in the wallets of any of the countless laborers he completely fucked over as President, only to offer them a holiday in hopes they might forget.

I’m looking at you, Grover Cleveland.


The first Labor Day happened in 1885, the very SAME year that the Statue of Liberty arrived in the New York Harbor. ***SETTING OFF ANY ALARM BELLS???? WE ALREADY COVERED THE POWER OF SYMBOLS IN VOL. 1 OF HARBINGER OF TRUTH, AND WE MADE IT CLEAR THAT WIELDING POWER OVER SYMBOLS IS AN ART MASTERED BY ONLY THE HIGHEST RANKING ILLUMINATI SATANISTS. That being said, do I even need to tell you the effect that the presence of the Sacred Feminine had on the already EMASCULATED American Workforce?

Grover Cleveland was President of the United States in 1885, and it was HE who proposed that Labor Day should be a federal holiday. HOWEVER, the True Power behind Labor Day and the Puppet Cleveland Administration remained in the shadows, as True Power always is clinging to shadowy places, staying hidden, issuing itself – often with violence – from the secretest, most LUCIFERIAN corners of American Aristocracy.

It was from one such dark corner that Labor Day hatched itself in the mind of an Illuminati Priest.

His name was William Collins Whitney (of the Satanic Collins Bloodline, one of the 13 most prominent Illuminati Families), and he is well known to have been President Cleveland’s Illuminati Puppet-Master. Whitney, we can safely assume, spent many months incubating the idea behind Labor Day somewhere deep inside his cavernous, satanic brain. Only when it was absolutely ready did he proceed to set his creation free on the civilized world. Even more sinisterly, he did this at a time in history when no one could even see Ronald Reagan coming.

TIME: a domain in which the ILLUMINATI has a severe leg-up on the American Worker –  Satan allows his Illuminati Priests unique access to THE FUTURE.

And so it was no surprise to Whitney that, the very next year, 1886, his son Harry Payne Whitney would marry Gertrude Vanderbilt. It was not at all surprising that this marriage would lead to further generations of the Collins Illuminati Bloodline – the blood of these future generations enhanced now with Vanderbilt genetic material.

Satan was obviously pleased.


The implementation of Labor Day as a federal holiday was proving to be ESSENTIAL when it came to the subsequent shaping of World History. Whitney and his children would see to that.

The next 40 years unfolded in the most terrifying way imaginable, even more horrifying when we observe how many hundreds of years in advance it must have all been planned. William Collins Whitney’s grandson, Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, went on to marry Marie Norton, who later married W. Averell Harriman, the man who helped finance Hitler to power.

The Harrimans also helped bring the Bush family back from near financial ruin. When Prescott Bush (George H.W. Bush’s father) lost all his money in the 1929 stock market crash, the Harrimans came to financially help Prescott Bush back on his feet. So, if you’ll allow me to quickly retrace the last few steps of this narrative:

Illuminati Bloodline (Collins Family) —> Grover Cleveland —> Labor Day —> Hitler —> Two Bush Presidencies 



Remember – this document is intended to assist you in the task of Truth Seeking, not to scare thirsty minds away.


It will DEFINITELY shock you to learn that the incestuous, power-sharing relationship between William Collins Whitney and Grover Cleveland was put loosely to film in the very-much-ahead-of-its-time 1989 Blockbuster Society (starring Billy Warlock of Baywatch fame). The protagonist, Billy Collins (sound FAMILIAR?!?!) and his therapist Dr. Cleveland (??!?!?!?!) together learn that their “Society” is polluted by perverse Satanic rituals — EVEN HUMAN SACRIFICE.


Perhaps it might be wise at this juncture to observe the words of Dr. Cleveland as they appear in this historically vital piece of filmography:

Billy, people are what they are, now you have to learn to accept that, you have to learn to except societies rules of privacy, if you don’t follow the rules Billy bad things happen, now some people make the rules and some people follow the rules, it’s a question of what you’re born to do.

Well, I ask you. What were you born to do? Were you born to make the rules, or follow them? It’s damning to think that we just might not have any choice in this matter, but it might also be the Truth.


At the most basic level, the purpose of Labor Day is to enact a yearly re-salting of the unhealing wounds of American Labor.

It’s vacation time that working people specifically cannot afford to take advantage of. It was designed by Satanists to affect maximum levels of frustration.

However, as we near these very FINAL STAGES of Satan’s Plan, Labor Day should DEFINITELY be expected to play an increasingly large role — One that affects All Of Us.

Beneath Labor Day is a DEEP historical well. Swimming in the unseeable waters at the bottom of this well is nothing short of a Satanic PLAN, the size of which can only sort of be guessed. It is our job, friends, fellow travelers on the Path to Light, to lower your buckets down into that well and fish it the fuck out.

Always remember, your entire life beyond this moment exists now exclusively in the fluid realm of the Intimately Possible.