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All words: Sophistocles

***The Truth is hidden from us, always and in Every Way. Concealment IS the basic Essence of Truth. But Christ Himself did say ‘Seek and ye shall find,’ so truly we MUST quest after the Hidden Answers constituting our “reality.” That is the point of this weekly column — to BRING FORTH the truth as it is. Some may call it conjecture, but they are Bound to Darkness, staring at Shadows On the Wall. We are tasked to reveal to them The Path To Light. We, these Harbingers of Truth.***

“The Power over Shapes courses through the Bodies of Royals.” – Unknown 

What I am about to Tell you could have Repercussions. There are Royal Forces at work that will attempt to make me appear Insane to you, should the waves I Create become loud enough to catch their very NON-Human ears. And so, it is with enormous personal Risk that I must keep my promise to stoke the Flames of Truth by Informing you of the following:

Inside the thick-walled uterus of Kate Middleton, something is Growing. While some suspect it to be a Human Girl, the Truth is far more Repulsive. The family that calls themselves “Windsor” has conspired to implant a seed in Ms. Middleton that will some day rule over the Realm of Man. This beast will appear Human in order to Conceal its True form – perhaps most accurately characterized by the Image below.

3-37 (1)

Kate Middleton is about to give birth to a Reptilian Shapeshifter. If you do not Know what this type of Being IS, prepare to have your historical perspective thrown in a blender for the next few minutes, because there are Great Powers in our midst with which you MUST F-a-m-i-l-i-a-r-i-z-e yourself. Forces that make it possible for the faces of Powerful Leaders and Celebrities to do THIS:

reptilian ReptilianQueen Beyonce-shapeshifter

DO YOU SEE IT??? The Forces that dominate our VISUAL PLANE are much easier to see when circled with either Green or Red, and what these circles Reveal is that, beneath the skin of those that we idolize as humans lurk grotesque beings that have the power to SHAPESHIFT. Don’t believe me? Good. Skepticism OF ALL THINGS is KEY to the process of Understanding.

So who are these Shapeshifters? What is their Goal? Why is it that they seek to dominate our Visual Worldscape??? I can’t pretend to Know the full extent of the answers buried somewhere deep beneath these age-old questions, but I will tell you what I DO KNOW and will PROVE the nature of “reality” to be FAR BEYOND any human “scientific” understanding.

First, you should know that everyone in power is RELATED THROUGH BLOOD. Do these people look familiar to you?



Would it Shock you to know that all of them are related through Reptilian Bloodlines? This is what enabled them to take Power. Now, would it Shock you to know that the Windsor Family is merely an EXTENSION of this bloodline???



The proof is in the bloodlines, and to find it you must KEEP SEEKING.

To Understand the nature of the Reptilians, you have to Start Thinking of everything that Occurred in Western History over the course of the documented past as a play, written by the reptilians, in which all of us are unwitting participants — it has been they all along who planned and put into motion a series of wars waged by Human Armies against other Human Armies, and it has been they who have led us into these wars by offering us the illusion of Good vs. Evil. All of it a huge LIE planned just to amuse the Reptilians, who meanwhile have done whatever they can to consolidate all of the world’s Power and Wealth.

So now we’re faced with a new addition to this Reptilian Hoard. A human hologram shell in baby form, with a dangerous, disgusting creature lurking underneath. If you still don’t believe me, I suggest you watch the following, HIGHLY CONVINCING video, which confirms Kate Middelton to be the holographic shapeshifter that SHE IS!!!

As this woman points out, her hair is alive, her eyes have slits, and she is absolutely NOT A HUMAN BEING. BE PREPARED FOR THE NEXT ERA OF REPTILIAN POWER!!!