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All words: Sophistocles

***The Truth is hidden from us, always and in Every Way. Concealment IS the basic Essence of Truth. But Christ Himself did say ‘Seek and ye shall find,’ so truly we MUST quest after the Hidden Answers constituting our “reality.” That is the point of this weekly column — to BRING FORTH the truth as it is. Some may call it conjecture, but they are Bound to Darkness, staring at Shadows On the Wall. We are tasked to reveal to them The Path To Light. We, these Harbingers of Truth.***

“There IS a World of Symbols, and these Symbols HAVE power.” – Unknown 

Today, July 8 2013 Anno Domini, Washingtonians will witness the illumination of the Washington Monument — the city’s towering tribute to Free Masonry and, yes, the storied secret-keeping guild commonly referred to as the “Illuminati.” What we Know concerning this recent development is perhaps even more startling than what we aren’t allowed to Know.


In order to See what is Before Our Eyes, we first must unveil the Shroud of Mystery surrounding this illumination ceremony. First, do you Realize that the Washington Monument is an Obelisk, which is an Ancient Symbol that possesses Untold Power? Do these Ancient Power Structures look familiar??? They aren’t just for decoration.


It was no secret to the architects of the Washington Monument that a circle with attached wings is a Symbol that is capable of harnessing Immense Power, especially when etched on an Obelisk of such Immense Height. Observe the striking resemblance between the images on the left and the right below. Can you guess which one is from Ancient Sumer?


Is it just a coincidence that the symbol on the shirt I am wearing right now also bears a striking, albeit misleadingly innocent, resemblance to this Iconic Logo?? (<– Powerful ancient word) Or is it EVEN MORE possible that the symbols populating what I perceive to be “reality” together constitute a Pattern, like some sort of bizarre Dream, or maybe even a Simulation???


And it doesn’t stop there. The inclusion of an Owl on my shirt (yet another Powerful Ancient Symbol) ought to remind you of the National Mall itself, which the Free Masons designed to look like an Owl from above. Since the founders themselves didn’t have airplanes, and noting the fact that Washington D.C. is a No-Fly Zone, who do you think the Free Mason architects designed this Symbol for? Someone, perhaps, watching over us?


You have to admit, it looks MORE THAN KIND OF like an Owl. Are you starting to see that Symbols are Everywhere? Because that is your FIRST STEP on the Path To Light!!!

But why did the architects of our nation’s capital choose to incorporate an Obelisk, a Symbol of deep significance to Free Masons, Sigmund Freud, and Ancient Humans, and what does it mean that, today, that Symbol will start to Glow?

The Power of the Obelisk extends from the Earth itself. As was widely taught in Ancient Sumerian texts and even by Socrates himself, there are mysterious lines of energy called Ley Lines that cover the entire surface of our Three Dimensional “Worldscape,” and, as the highly respected podcast Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know reports, “Ley Line theorists believe this energy can be used to cause hallucinations or natural disasters, such as earthquakes, and magnetic anomalies.” They go on, “The location of the Washington Monument may allow its controllers to harness this natural energy for their own purposes whatever those may be.” Having conducted extensive research on this topic, and having been exposed to the Power of Ley Lines myself, I can fully testify to the accuracy and profundity of those claims. The existence of Ley Lines is a fact, and their Power is harnessed Only Through Symbols.


Have you ever heard of Satan? If you have, you probably know that he was an Angel until God banished him from Heaven. Satan is the Spiritual Entity that Free Masons worship through Symbols. Now, Think about Aliens. Might Satan BE someThing that we would call an Alien? Is Hell real, and are WE inside it? These are deeply held secrets.

There are a lot of interesting and valuable ideas out there when it comes to this, but the theory I find to be most worth exploring is that Heaven is actually what quantum physicists and pure mathematicians refer to as “the Fourth Dimension.” We Humans live within the “Third,” or “Physical Dimension,” which was referred to by Jesus simply as “Hell.” So, yes — Hell is real and you ARE inside it.

Further, the Energy accessed through intersecting Ley Lines, and channeled by the Symbols erected at those intersections (think Stonehenge, think the Pyramids, think Mayans, think Aztecs, think the Vatican), will function this evening as what some call a “Gateway” to none other than the Fourth Dimension. The Fourth Dimension, or “Heaven” as it’s referred to in Sunday School, is SuperImposed on our physical Worldscape, but Totally Concealed from the human perspective. Do you think it would be wise, knowing this, to let Satan power-up a gateway back to the Fourth Dimension, where he could contest God in Open Battle? Or, do you think it might lead to Divine repercussions??? If you think the latter, you’re far from alone. Ley Line theorists Everywhere agree.

Free Masonry has long harbored a Luciferian Spiritual Tradition, which, for those Uninitiated, means that they “worship Satan.” What their plans are beyond what can most basically be assumed are anyone’s guess — INCLUDING YOURS. The only thing that truly seems certain is that, tonight, there will be a battle taking place all around us, affecting us all, that we cannot even Lay Eyes on.

We’ve covered quite a bit in todays post, but really, only scratched the Surface. And remember, this is ONLY what we Know and can Prove. The Full Truth WILL continue to reveal itself, week by week.