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By Sophistocles

***The Truth is hidden from us, always and in Every Way. Concealment IS the basic Essence of Truth. But Christ Himself did say ‘Seek and ye shall find,’ so truly we MUST quest after the Hidden Answers constituting our “reality.” That is the point of this column — to BRING FORTH the truth as it is. Some may call it conjecture, but they are Bound to Darkness, staring at Shadows On the Wall. We are tasked to reveal to them The Path To Light. We, these Harbingers of Truth.***

“There IS a World of Symbols, and these Symbols HAVE power.” – Unknown 

First, here is all that has been revealed in this 2013th year of Great Awakening:

Harbinger of Truth Vol. 1: Washington D.C.’s Glowing Satanic Obelisk

Harbinger of Truth Vol. 2: Kate Middleton’s Reptilian Baby

Harbinger of Truth Vol. 3: Labor Day, the Satanic Legacy of Grover Cleveland

Harbinger of Truth Vol. 4: The Great Thanksgiving Day Charade

We must now dispense with the Past.

It is of utter Necessity, in dealing with the Future, to transmit oneself fully into the Nothing that comprises it. This is, for many, a simple impossibility.

Who dare attempt this Leap? To look down during the course of it induces vertigo.

In attempting to Bear Witness to the Future, one cannot simply make a ‘visit’ or a ‘day trip’; one must dwell, eternally, within it.

Time, the House of Being, does not abide any tepid endeavors beyond the Present Tense, wherein we currently find ourselves now and always already.  To Look ahead requires that the seer remain both Steadfast in SPIRIT, and Indefatigable in FAITH.

Where are the Travelers among this Human Race, enslaved by History as we are? Where among us are we to find the true Herald of what has yet to be?

With great humility, I submit that this person I seek is myself.  Without hesitation, I respond to this Summons by relaying to you the following prophecies pertaining to the coming Two Thousand and Fourteenth year, translated loyally from a language older than Man.


The Pope performs a late term abortion; everyone loves him for it


Edward Snowden unveils documents that prove Aliens are real


Even still, too few people care for it to become the “conversation” he wanted it to be


Edward Snowden confronts Nihilism, kills himself


The next Hitler’s Grad School rejection letter arrives to a suburban address in Michigan


The weather this year will be on average slightly worse than this past year’s weather

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