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Good morning BYT friends, and officially welcome to holiday season, whatever that means this year. For us, we have decided to, in the spirit of maintaining and restoring what little sanity we have left, to take this week off.

You don’t need us anyway.

This should not be a week for computer screens – you should spend it (SAFELY, INDOORS) with those you love, giving back (if you can), but also taking care of yourself: reading some books (some evergreen recommendations here), supporting local restaurants by getting your meals from them, baking and cooking (we recommend checking out this article on Thanksgiving from the perspective of Indigenous chefs), catching up on movies and shows you missed (or checking out the National Museum of American Indian’s Film Festival) and watching or re-watching Ted Lasso (seriously, just trust us on this one).

Know one thing – we are grateful for you and look forward to catching up on the other side of this holiday. Now, go – live your life (safely! responsibly! please!)


BYT & Exactly

Header Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash