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Ok, that was a trick question. Obviously, the answer is: drinking games EVERYONE.

This is as close as DC gets to the excitement of, say, having a Superbowl happen in our midst (until, naturally, November 6th rolls around and you are faced with the most important election of your life…AGAIN) and since we are fans of the old adage “NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, YOU’LL WANT TO BE DRINKING” (we even have a nice round-up of debate/presidential themed drinks and food around town, just for you) we figured we’d jump on the DEBATE DRINKING GAME bandwagon as well. So-here it is, the official BYT Drinking Game (feel free to tweet at us @BYT and @BYTNYC with further suggestions btw).

The first rule is that while it’s a drinking game, it’s not a competition– despite what other online games suggest, you have to drink when EITHER candidate does one of the predicted things, not just when “your guy” says one of the things. We’re all in this together. (except for the Mormons, since it is ALWAYS sober month for them, sorry guys)

Preferred beverages:

  • Espresso Flavored Vodka (cause OMJS, Mormons don’t drink coffee either)
  • White Russians
  • White House Honey Brown Ale (recipe here) or Beer Summit Bud Light
  • Whiskey
  • Fernet Branca (for palate cleansing/extreme situations)

Here are our “drink now” rules:

  • Every time Romney cites unemployment statistics, take a sip of your espresso flavored vodka.
  • If this is followed by President Obama saying “47 percent,” finish your drink!
  • Every time you feel like your Mother, in a room far, far away, would sigh at someone’s answer – sip some of your White Russian
  • At any mention of House Republicans or Senate Democrats – drink your beer
  • Sip beer every time Obama mentions: Millionaires, Voucher, Let me be clear, Bain, General Motors, Middle Class
  • Sip a White Russian every time Romney mentions: 16 trillion, Unemployment, ObamaCare, My friend, Job Creators, 716 billion, Private Sector
  • Do a shot of Whiskey when the Killing of Bin Laden is brought up/mentioned/insinuated
  • Parents, Kansas and/or Mexico – a shotgun of beer is in order
  • Anytime someone you’re with is not watching BUT TWEETING – everyone does a mini espresso shot.
  • Do a shot of Fernet Branca when “We’re better off than 4 years a go” OR “We’re NOT better off than 4 years a go” is brought up

GOOD LUCK (and stay hydrated)

For more suggestions, please use the comments, this NY Times Chart of BUZZ WORDS used at either Convention, and we’ll see you here next week for the vice-presidential drinking games.