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Happy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week everyone! The fun (and by that I mean, the opportunity to show off the results of your month long cleanse in public while surrounded by people who are taller and skinnier than you even without cleanses) starts officially tomorrow and well, we’re excited. BYT will be on site and going to some shows (we bought heels and everything, hopefully being 6’6″and female  in them will pay off in one form or another) and interviewing some models and reporting on everything from hemlines to collar heights for SPRING/SUMMER 2014 but also, here are some choice instagram accounts to follow and feel like you’re IN THE THICK OF IT (on top of obsessing over @BRIGHTESTYOUNGTHINGS, obviously)


The official account is always a good (if slightly predictable) place to start.


Alexandre De Betak’s special events company designs some of the most coveted catwalks and parties in the world (that Dior garden extravaganza? THEM! The stark Viktor & Rolf pieces? THEM! Hands down, the finest account to absorb the craftsmanship of what goes into a show for. Their latest photos as of this morning was of the Manhattan skyline, so you know-THEY’RE HERE.


Derek Blasberg supposedly works for Harper’s Bazaar, which, you know, good for him,  but that is NOT why you’d want to follow him on instagram. OH NO. You will follow him on instagram because he WILL overshare every party photo in which he is lounging with Karlie, or sipping drinks with Cara, or booty dancing with Jordan. There will be lots of teeny shorts and hot boys involved at all times too.


Leandra Medine is going to be at every show, and she will probably be one of the few people to have something FUNNY to comment. Never not pounding:


The nice thing about Karlie’s instagram is that, supermodelness aside, it actually feels pretty real. Duck faces with model friends, baking in between shows and all. Also, you know she is walking EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE, and is friends with everyone, so get ready for some good #NYFW Selfies.


Like your NYFW model instagrams a little messier and more emoji driven? Here comes Chloe. Mutilated Barbie heads in model agencies, orange hair and all.


Lauren Santo Domingo is going to be having the Fashion week YOU WISH you were having.Hanging earrings on Hamish Bowles and all.


StyleCaster will hit the streets, talk to the cool kids and kids wanting to be perceived as cool and is always a great resource for everyone ELSE you may want to follow during this week (see below for @chloenorgaard and @mrstreetpeeper)

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 8.44.02 AM

Frame Noir does PR for everyone from Rodarte and Opening Ceremony, and if access to all that is not enough, their instagram is run by a bunch of Clueless loving, Miranda July approving, pop culture reference dropping girls and boys who we’d totally hang with.


The Cut’s editor in chief is a real, live human. She also wears really great hats.


Now, tell us in the comments who YOU ARE FOLLOWING and check us out at @brightestyoungthings, @svetlanabyt and @parleamamain all week for THINGS.