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We’re nearly two weeks into Movember, where your either happily on your way to Ron Swanson-ville or shaving this very second because your face grows hair more like a teenager’s.

For those more in the Maine lumberjack category, it’s still OK to trim that brillo pad up. With our party Sharks and Lasers at the International Spy Museum only a few days away, you’ll want to look suave, right? So, we looked to 5 of the most evil villains and henchmen from the Bond series with the best facial hair.

Hugo Drax

The evilest of villains from Moonraker, Hugo Drax absolutely dominates the goatee game. One thing you could do without? That scraggly neck beard.



One pencil-width mustache, just add top hat.



Want to look like an old school president, head of an international crime organization, and damn good in a bow tie, all at the same time? Shape that blonde goatee like Blofeld.



FINALLY, a full beard. As Kamal Khan’s head henchmen in Octopussy, he eschews his boss’ proclivity for a baby face but still keeps that beard in check.

Milton Krest

An aid to a drug baron in License to Kill, Krest keeps it simple: all the mustache he could possibly grow, no spill-over onto the cheeks.


But, even spies and villains are susceptible to prostate and testicular cancers. The bearded bros over at Movember know how you can help inform the public, keep ’em aware, and hopefully eradicate these diseases.