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Since Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend let’s talk about wings. Though, paradoxically, my love for wings has recently blossomed as my enjoyment of professional football has all but faded out. Thanks, Dan Snyder. Nonetheless football and wings go together, everyone knows this, including women, children, and the elderly. Before getting to the list, be sure to look over our definitive guide to D.C.’s buffalo wings.

  • The wings at the aptly named Wingo’s in Georgetown are so good just writing about them is triggering cravings. Looks like I’ll just have to have some delivered for lunch.

ron eats wings

  • While Smoke and Barrel is first and foremost about ribs and smoked pork, they also have you covered on wings: hog wings, chicken wings, vegan wings, whatever, they’ve got it. And I’ve heard even the veggie wings are legit, although I’m not the type to substitute meat under any circumstance.

life, liberty and chicken wings

  • Though much has been said about the pizza at Comet Ping-Pong–and its certainly worthy of the praise–the wings here are ridiculously satisfying. It’s not like those wing chains where the wings are heavily breaded and there are fifteen to twenty different favors of sauce to disguise the bland meat of the wing itself. But that’s not how it is at Comet, who wings are smokey and spicy, but not to0 spicy, and comes with a pretty righteous horseradish dipping sauce.
  • Buffalo Wing Factory is the local wing chain home to the Flatliner challenge–a buffalo wing challenge so spicy they make you sign a medical release before anyone can attempt the feat.

barney licks a wing


  • The Looking Glass Lounge would be a choice location to watch the big game if you’re rooting for Seattle and don’t mind watching regular sized TV. So now you know where to go Sunday if no one invited you to their party, or if you’re friends just like to spending they’re free time reading books or something else non-sports related.

shaq eating wings

  • And if you’re not interested in the game and/or the typical sort of bar wings, Nando’s Peri-Peri demonstrates that Americans aren’t the only ones capable of frying up superb wings. Do not sleep on the Peruvians, they don’t mess around when it comes to preparing delicious chicken.

dude loves wings

Remember: wet napkins are crucial