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It’s December. It’s 60 degrees. Nobody knows what to do. I’m wearing a sweater because I woke up expecting it to be cold but it’s 60 degrees and now I’m sweating. I went to get a hot chocolate this morning and instantly regretted it because it’s 60 damn degrees, but you know what would be great? A delicious frozen cocktail. So instead of grabbing a hot toddy this week, head to one of these fine establishments for something weather appropriate. It is 60 degrees after all.

Bar Pilar – From 5pm to 7pm all week long, stroll on over to Bar Pilar for a $5 W.G.W. Sangria Slushie. Made with a very clear and concise mixture of “various booze and various fruit,” it will probably be delicious, and even if it’s not, it’s warm as hell outside and you’re going to want it anyway. There’s also $5 beer and wine, as well as $3-$10 small plates, if you want to mix it up.

El Chucho – Pretend it’s summer from 4pm to 6:30pm with El Chucho’s frozen margaritas. For $5.50 choose from classic lime, strawberry habanero, or a frozen swirl. While you’re there grab a handful of $3 tacos because why the hell not?

Satellite Room – So, Satellite doesn’t include their delicious boozy shakes in the happy hour menu, but with the money you’re saving on $10 burgers and $5 tots, you should be able to afford a shake (or two). Go for the Latka Gravas with espresso ice cream, ribbons of nutella, and and Hennessy vs or grab the Vincent Vega, which is a delightful mixture of vanilla ice cream and bulliet bourbon.

El Centro – You can get a $5 margarita from El Centro all year long, but more importantly, you can get a $5 frozen margarita all year long from El Centro. Plus, if the flavors of lime and tequila don’t float your boat, for the low low price of $2 they’ll throw in a strawberry puree. Happy hour runs from 4pm to 7pm daily, but only at the bar, so be sure to get their early to grab a seat (or don’t! It’s your life).

Lauriol Plaza – Are you sick of margaritas yet? Too bad because that’s Lauriol Plaza’s bread and butter. If you’re feeling really broke, a single frozen marg is available for only $3.99 OR you can get a half-pitcher for $11.99.