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So you need to decide where to go for drinks. It should be rad; You’d like to make an educated choice here. But what do you have to go on? The lousy advice of friends and family? Those guys don’t know bunk. Now if that bar has an ass-load of Twitter fellows, then it’s got to be good. C’mon, let’s not pretend as if social media doesn’t already inform you on other more significant aspects of your life. My prediction is by the year 2030 15% of marriages in the U.S. will have started as Tinder matches. Anyways, for your convenience we’ve compiled a list of bars with the most twitter followers.

  • Meridian Pint has 6,830 followers. Which isn’t really a surprise because these dudes tweet like it’s their job (probably because it is someone’s full time job).

live tweet this bitch

  • Penn Social has a respectable following of 3,607. You should definitely check out their cover photo, honestly, you might be in it.
  • Little Miss Whiskey has a 3,491. They’re twitter blur says, “Somnus Ut Nos Es Mortuus.” Which is latin for “sleep that we are dead.” Wait… that doesn’t seem quite right. Google translator is suspect.

tarnslator dude

  • Biergarten Haus has 3,661 follows, and presumably some friends. Plus, summertime was meant for drinking outside, and also for supersoakers. Note: do not bring a supersoaker to a beer garden.
  • The Big Hunt, which has been around forever, has 3,246 followers. Very nice, Big Hunt. They have so many upcoming events, their twitter account is more stuffed than the bulletin board in your college dorm’s common area.


Remember: don’t drink and tweet.