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Last Monday we put out another rendition of our annual Trivia Guide. You guys are clearly wild about trivia and that makes sense. Who doesn’t like getting really drunk and showing off to strangers (or friends) how much smarter you are then everyone else. Some places even give away fancy prizes! If you’re a know-it-all and an alcoholic it’s basically the best thing ever invented. Since trivia nights are fantastic, we’ve decided to dedicate this Happy Hour Hotline to some great trivia spots. If you love cheap booze and feeling smug, then these happy hours are exactly what you need.

Buffalo Billiards: This happy hour is great if you love light beer and snacks. Like Bier Baron, trivia starts at 7:30pm on Monday, but show up between 4pm and 7pm for $4 Miller Lite, Budweiser, Bud Light, and Yuengling cans. If you’re more of a high roller Sam Adams, Sam Seasonal, Palm, Sam Adams Light, house wine, and rail drinks are $5.50, but if food is what you’re after, feel free to gorge yourself on $6 chips with salsa & guacamole, mozzarella sticks, buffalo chicken dip, pretzels, smothered fries, buffalo bites. I would definitely go ahead and order all of the food. That seems like a safe bet.


St. Arnolds: Who doesn’t want to play trivia while munching on moules frites? From 12pm – 7pm mussel pots are $11 and its only $3 extra to add fries. Plus you can snack on half price chicken wings and beer battered onion rings aaaaand sip down $5 half liters of Palm, Schofferhofer, or Radeberger. Trivia starts are 7:30pm on Wednesday so you’ll be nice and drunk by the time it starts.

Stoney’s: Trivia may start at 8pm on Wednesday but from 5pm to 7pm Stoney’s is serving up $4 Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lager drafts, $15 pitches (for the super alcoholics), and $4 off any of their burgers. Not a bad deal.


Bier Baron: If you’re both a trivia snob and a beer snob this is the perfect place for you. Trivia doesn’t start until 7:30pm on Monday, but make sure to show up early because from 4pm to 7pm you can enjoy their $10 burger AND beer special plus $1 off all other drafts not included in the burger and beer special. Not bad.


Public: What’s great about this happy hour is that its on from 4pm t0 8pm and trivia starts at 7:30pm on Tuesday so you have a little bit of cross over time. Tuesday is, of course, taco tuesday, so you can get three tacos for $5.99, house wine is $6, cocktails are $8, rail drinks are $5, and beer runs between $3 to $4.