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Start practicing your best pick up line. With Valentine’s Day soon in the past, this week’s Happy Hour Hotline is geared to turning you into a master pickup artist.


There’s no better way to get to know people than being sandwiched between them on a bar stool. If you’re looking for happy hour deals and a place to meet a special (or not so special) someone, check out Ghibellina. The long bar makes it the perfect spot to get literally and figuratively squished between some brand new folks to chat with.

The Board Room

There’s nothing like a romantic spark over a game of Clue. The Board Room is the best place to impress someone with your Jenga skills or with a clever pairing during Cards Against Humanity. Either way, this board game bar is the spot to grab a good drink and a good game partner.

Jimmy Valentine’s

The name says it all. Find a fellow lonely heart over at Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club. Have your pick of a wide selection of beers from the bottle or from the can, and go find yourself a lonely heart to bring home.


Dive bars are classic places to pick up a date. Showtime in Bloomingdale is all about “rhythm n’ booze,” so practice those pick up lines and get drinking.

All Souls

Stick a coin the jukebox and grab a drink. All Souls has an amazing cocktail selection to choose from, a great of beers and wines, and a jukebox. It’s the perfect trio to get you a date during happy hour.