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It’s August, and after months upon months of concerns regarding head-altering viral outbreaks, poop water, Russian Federation missteps, and the usual Olympic Village accommodation-related complaints, it’s finally time for the world games! The Olympics start today! We’ve got gymnastics and soccer to open the games today and tomorrow, with the official opening ceremony this Friday. You’re going to want to watch. You’re going to want to drink. You’re going to want to do these things in tandem. We’ve got establishments all across the city trying to get your asses on their stools to watch competitive table tennis or whatever the hot competitions are. Best not to fight them on this one. Here are five suggestions for the happier hours of your week, featuring Olympic-themed drinks and discounts.


Do some preparatory track and field laps around Logan Circle then cross the finish line at Commissary this week for some Rio-themed cocktails. They’ve got a giant projector screen on which they’re screening all of the games, and starting this Friday, these $9 specials go into effect. The Bronze Medal features cachaça with muddled oranges, mint, and pomegranate syrup; The Silver Medal is cachaça with lime and sugar cane; and The Gold Medal cocktail is whiskey, cachaça, lime, mint and sugar cane.


Logan Tavern

Tough to recommend two spots that are right next to one another, but since boxing is an Olympic event I suppose this one-two punch is good to go. Logan Tavern is running an extended happy hour on Friday, with specials in place until 9 p.m. They’re breaking out new international food and beverages specials, with Brazilian food and continental cocktails to be featured on the menu.

Topaz Bar

This Dupont establishment is running extended happy hour, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., every day throughout the Olympics. A lot of specials on deck, including $5 drafts and well drinks, $6 wine, $12 specialty cocktails, and discounts on American pub fare because America is all that ever matters. To that end, they’re not accepting anything less than total victory. So they’re giving patrons 10% off their check any time the United States wins a gold medal. No word on whether or not those stack. Maybe they don’t want us to win after all?

Bar Rouge

Working in pairs for this article, because we’re keeping it in Dupont for our next suggestion. The big draw here is an aggressively priced but delicious sounding cocktail they’re calling the Stick It. Lead bartender Naderia Wynn (whose name sounds like it might belong to a gymnast) presents a beverage that draws inspiration from the host nation as well as the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team. The drink combines Novo Fogo cachaça with green tea, strawberry, lime and orgeat for $14. And you get $1 jello shots here whenever the U.S. takes home the gold. More reason to cheer.


Union Pub

Now, let’s leave Northwest for a remote destination on Capitol Hill that offers a more comfortable viewing experience. Union Pub is a fairly standard sports bar, with a big patio, multiple screens. Their weekly happy hour specials are usually robust if you’re a no-frills drinker, and it also seems like a place where you’d be able to tuck yourself into a corner and not feel pressured to continue imbibing at a rapid tilt. So if you want to nurse a beer quietly while watching swimming, because you want to be out of your house, or are some sort of prehistoric creature that doesn’t have access to a device that plays network television, you’ve got a spot. Specials vary by day but include $10 Narragansett buckets that I will drink, $4 craft Bourbon and Rye, and various cocktail and draft deals.