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Tonight is the State of the Union. If you’re the kind of person that needs an excuse to go out and drink heavily during the middle of the week, this is the day you’ve been waiting for. If you’re the kind of person that drinks heavily in the middle of the week every week, then you’re probably excited to have something different to watch tonight instead of regular bar TV. If you love jello shots, then this may be the best day of your life. There are screenings all over the city, but we’ve only highlighted the ones with honest to god drink specials, because we understand what matters most.


Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab – Joe’s is extending their cocktail hour so you can get a little rascally while blathering about politics. Happy hour will run from 2:30pm until the SOTU is over, and includes half priced cocktails, wine, and draft beer. There will also be “cocktail sized” sandwiches and half priced oysters (it is the perfect time for an aphrodisiac after all).


Shaw’s Tavern – Unfortunately, Shaw’s Tavern is not offering any drink specials, but you can bask in the glory that is half priced burgers and pizza. However, if you show up early you can play a little bingo and down some jello shots in support of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, D.C.

Red Rocks (Columbia Heights) Belgian beers will be 30% off throughout the SOTU, so feel free to pound as many as you want without metaphorically lighting your wallet on fire.

Molly Malone’s – The Irish bar is offering both red and blue $5 jello shots, because the one thing everyone can agree on is booze. For those of us who can only handle so many jello shots (mainly because an all jello shot diet is not appropriate when you’re above the age of 18), there are $4 Miller Lites and $6 nachos (which is the best bar food).


Ventnor Sports Cafe – Instead of hosting a tradition happy hour, Ventnor has gamified their drink specials. Pick a word when you walk in the door, and every time the president says it, you get a $1 jello shot.

Sudhouse – Enjoy Sudhouse’s sweet sweet happy hour all night long (or at least until the SOTU is over!), which includes $3 beers, $6 Moscow Mules, $5 cocktails and wine.

The 201 Bar – The bar is teaming up with the Washington Examiner for their SOTU watch party. There will be bingo, as well as ambiguous prizes, but most importantly your first drink is FREE. What could be better?