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Tonight is the final presidential debate which means we can finally turn our happy hour attention to what really matters:  Halloween. We’re well under the two week mark before the spookiest day of the year, so make the most of it by heading to these spooky scary bars around town.

Little Miss Whiskey’s

Dark purple lighting, eclectic walls hangings and vines all add up to a spooky spooky vibe at Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar. It’s New Orleans themed and New Orleans is home to all the spookiest stuff the world has to offer. There’s a year round Christmas tree in the corner, and to some people there’s nothing scarier than decorating too early.

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Tune Inn

The Capitol Hill dive bar has been around basically forever and is basically a D.C. legend. Its walls have taxidermy and its chandelier has antlers, so if you find dead animals spooky but like to drink cheap beer with them, this is the bar for you. It also survived a fire a couple years back. You know what else survived a fire? Frankenstein’s monster.

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Off the Record 

Off the Record is located inside the Hay-Adams Hotel and the decor has a lot of red quilting and ornate ceilings, so it’s classy spooky in here. Kind of like American Horror Story: Hotel in the early days. They have some election special cocktails named after the presidential and vice presidential candidates like the Hillary’s Last Word, Pence’s Tea Party and the instant classic, Trumpy Sour.

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Gadsby’s Tavern

Gadsby’s is located in downtown Old Town Alexandria, which is one of the oldest and therefore spookiest areas around and Gadsby’s building has been around since 1785. America was only 10 years old back then. Gadsby’s is so old that they have their own museum, and there’s nothing scarier than a museum at night, with or without Ben Stiller.

Round Robin

The Willard Hotel’s bar, currently called Round Robin was a hot spot among long dead, influential fellas such including Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, Harry Houdini, Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth. Even crazier, John Wilkes Booth was possibly seen here after assassinating the president. If that doesn’t make you want to drink alcohol, nothing will.