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A column dedicated solely to the greatest affordable alcohol (and food, we guess) consumption news in DC for the Sochi 2014 Olympics. America, where we ALWAYS win in basketball, obesity and wars.



Classic Sports Bars To Watch The Games

  • Billiards: $3 Draft Miller Lite, Coors Light, Bud Light & Yuengling, $5 House Wine & Rail Drinks, $6 Wings, Tortillas with Salsa & Guacamole, Soft Pretzels, Smothered Fries, Buffalo Chicken Dip & Twice Baked Potato Skins
  • Public Bar DC: $3 Domestic Beers, $4 Import/Microbrews, $5 Rail Drinks Monday-Friday 4pm-8pm
  • Union Pub: Arguably the best drink specials out of the bunch. PLUS, bottomless brunch on Saturday and Sunday FTW.
  • Penn Quarter Sports Tavern: Happy hour specials run Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Half-price food specials are offered from 7 p.m. until close. (Click the link for specifics)


Drinking Game For The Games

Adapted from this very old drinking game, a game so old the Games were on CBS.

Turn on NBC and observe the following rules:

  1. Take one drink every time a NBC announcer invites you to “share a moment with the world.”
  2. Take one drink every time snowboarding highlights are backed up by songs you heard on an alt-rock station in 2004.
  3. Take one drink every time a female athlete is described as “America’s _____ing sweetheart.” Take an extra drink if the athlete in question is “American’s curling sweetheart.”
  4. Take one drink every time the figure skating commentator shouts that a skater “NAILED!!” a jump.
  5. Take one drink every time you hear a hockey announcer shout, “He shoots…he scores!” Take two drinks if you’re watching women’s hockey and you hear, “She shoots…she scores!”
  6. Take one drink every time NBC promises to get “up close and personal” with an athlete.
  7. Take one drink every time a skater is presented with a bouquet of flowers.
  8. Take one drink every time America’s quest for its first medal in luge is mentioned. Take an extra drink if America actually happens to win a medal in luge.
  9. Take one drink and blurb, “Jah mon” every time reference is made to the Jamaican bobsled team.
  10. Take one drink every time the REAL Olympic theme (not that NBC fabrication) is heard.


MORE Awesome Booze And Food Spots

  • Nellies: Beat the Clock: Miller Lite bottles and House Vodka drinks $2 5pm-6pm, $3 6pm-7pm, $4 7pm-8pm Monday-Friday
  • Redline: Table taps might be the greatest invention. NEVER leave your table for a brew. Redline’s happy hour specials include $4 drafts, $5 rail drinks, $6 wine (by the glass), and 20 percent off of all their appetizers.
  • Ventnor Sports Cafe: Between the fried Oreos and four types of wings, Ventnor is a great place to chow down. Don’t worry, you’ll never have that “olympic” body anyway.
  • Bar-Code: Monday – Friday 3PM – 7PM half off beer, wine, rail drinks. Food is on another level at Bar-Code..
  • Mason Inn: Do it up at this Olympic Village-style bar. Thursday Night is Mug Night, for which regulars bring in their Mason Inn Mugs for $2.50 Bud Light refills all night.
  • Renaissance Arlington: Adult Snow Cones you guys, and I’m not referring to snow cones that are all grown up. Starting tonight and every Wednesday during the Olympics you can compete in Wii U ultimate sports games while you sip on amazing drink specials and nosh on delicious morsels from Chef David’s new Bits and Bites Menu.


Russian Restaurants In DC

  • Mari Vanna: Feb 7th kick-off party from 6-9pm featuring: one complimentary vodka shot for all patrons complimentary pirozhki tasting station All Mari Vanna TVs will air NBC’s Sochi Olympics Coverage. 3 new traditional Sochi dishes: solyanka soup, shish kebob, khachapuri
  • Russia House: Won’t be showing the Olympic games but will be serving some of the Nation’s Capital’s best Russian eats.
  • Rus Uz: You know its authentic when the menu is in Russian… The food is an inspired blend of Russian and Uzbek tradition.


A Couple More Happy Hours In Case You’re Still Not Satisfied

  • Busboys and Poets: $4 Draft Beers and $5 Featured Wine 4pm-7pm
  • Circa: $3 Draft Beers and $5 House Red and White Wines 4pm-7pm
  • Brixton: $4 Miller Lite; $5 Stella, Carlsberg, NewCastle; $7 Boddingtons, Bass, Bomberdier; $8 Bellhaven TwistedThistle IPA, Bellhaven Stought; $6 House White & Red Wine; $6 Rail Drinks; 5 Small Plates Under $8


Your recommendations, of course, welcome in the comments. (And if you want your happy hour included in one of the future lists/have a happy hour to recommend, e-mail us at: [email protected])