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Restaurant Week has descended upon the city just like Snowzilla did over the weekend. Places you used to be able to walk into without a reservation are now going to be filled to the brim with people vying for those supposedly cheaper RW tasting menus. Since cabin fever has taken over and staying at home is not possible, Happy Hour just might be your only option. It’s the perfect way to get a nice little taste of Restaurant Week without actually having to deal with Restaurant Week.

AcadianaWhile Acadiana’s brunch usually tempts me more than their other menus, if you’re craving some sweet southern cocktails and spicy New Orleans influenced snacks, then their happy hour is heaven sent. Signature drinks like the Basil Belle, Cajun Dark and Stormy, and the Pimms Cup will only run your $5. Likewise you can grab a pimento cheese crostini, Cajun poutine, or pork rinds for $5. Drink specials run from 11:30am to 7pm Monday through Friday, and the food specials kick in around 4pm. This is the perfect happy hour if you’re an alcoholic that is also unemployed.

Oyamel – I am never not going to recommend you go to a Jose Andres restaurant. It’s just always a good decision. Oyamel is sure to be packed for RW, but if you can sneak in for Hora Feliz, everything is worth it. Margaritas and mojitos will run you a measly $5, while beer will only cost you $4. Antojitos like ceviche and two whole tacos are only $4. At these prices how can you afford not to go?

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Perry’s – Although Perry’s is famous for their drag queen brunch, it’s also a really nice place to grab some sushi if you’re in the mood. At the bar from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, you can get some pretty quality beers and wines for $4, and then spend the rest of your time gorging yourself on $7 nigiri, $5 sashimi, and two sushi rolls for $10. There’s also bamboo skewers and and tempura if you need a little more variety.

The Pig – If you’re looking to drink nice, small batch, whiskey for very little money then you should really be spending every day at The Pig. Their whiskey’s of the week right now are 1792 Small Batch, Bowman Brothers Small Batch, and Four Roses Small Batch and you can get one for $7 or get a flight of all of them for $8. There’s also food like fried chicken, truffle mac and cheese, face bacon, all the usuals. Like with most things in life, what really matters here is the whiskey.


B Too – They have crispy pig ears for $7. You need crispy pig ears, I need crispy pig ears, we all need them, really. Pig ears are delicious. There are also $5 draft beers and $7 Moscow Mules to wash all that pig down, but let’s be real here. We all need a round of pig ears ASAP.