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Whether or not you consider yourself a patriotic person, the 4th of July functions primarily as a day for excessive drinking and fireworks. Because this is American, a country that demands little more from its citizens than one day a year hosting a parade and firework display in its honor. It’s a holiday that easily could have been conjured up by the Bud Lite marketing team.

creepy nodding senator

  • Blackfinn has got the things you need to express your inner American. By that I mean there’s a lot of craft beer and fried food options. Happy hour is Monday through Friday from 4-7 PM meaning $3.50 Miller Lites.

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  • America is all about the hustle, and pool halls are the original home of the hustle. Just ask Paul Newman. While pool halls have been disappearing from America’s landscape for some time, they’re far from extinct. In fact, Bedrock Billiards is alive and well, and offers a happy hour Monday through Saturday 4-8 PM.
  • If you games and food are too much for you. If your just in need of a place to park it and drink craft beer, Jackpot is your spot. Not only because it has one of the best draft list in the city, but also because that draft list is $2 off during happy hour Monday through Friday from 4-8 PM.

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  • Or you could to DC Reynolds, because that happy hour is honestly hard to beat. Monday through Saturday (that’s six days a week!) from 5-9 PM (four full hours!) there’s a buy-one, get-one-free drink. Drinks that include Rhino Face Plant IPA and Port City’s Optimal Wit.


It is very American to drink at home or on a blanket outside, for guidance in terms of that:

  • Check out our BEERS FOR 4TH OF JULY guide (very patriotic)
  • or counteract those fireworks with some Moet Ice, which is the most American of 4th of July champagnes to drink this week for one reason alone: it is the one champagne served OVER ICE, and we know how much ‘Murica loves ice. LOVES IT.