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It’s March and that can only mean one thing: madness. March Madness is the one-time a year when people get super excited about the business of filling out a bracket. Perhaps you went to UMD and you’re happy to see them back in the running. Perhaps you’re upset because you thought they deserved a better seed. Or perhaps you’re like me and went to a small liberal arts college, and so don’t give a fuck about any of this madness. Regardless, we all support happy hour.

tele-o-tubby boy

  • Honestly, go to Nellie’s. I was tempted to just put down Nellie’s for all five suggestions. But that’d be less than helpful. Anyways, just go to Nellie’s. Okay?

Miami University Photobombs

  • There’s BlackFinn. It’s sleek and new and cleaner than your average sports bar. It refers to itself as an Ameripub. Doesn’t that sound like someplace where you’d watch sports?
  • Also, there’s this bar actually named the Bracket Room. They’ll be hosting their third annual shot bracket competition. While I’m not exactly sure what that means, they’re prizes and ostensibly shots.

coach in disbelief

  • How does $15 pitchers of Miller Light at Lou’s City Bar sound? Plus, who won’t want to watch sports with some guy named Lou? We all know Lou(s) love sports.
  • Penn Social has ginormous TVs. It also has 30+ beers on draft and will be showing every NCAA game. So they’re you go, what more do you want?

this dude

Be hydrated, stay hydrated people

 Duke emoji from the Washington Post, download all tournament team emoji mascots from the Post.