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Here at BYT we’re all about the gold right now, because on January 7 we’re hosting RAGNARÖCK A Hirshhorn Late Night. It’s centered around Ragnar Kjartansson’s exhibit at the Hirshhorn featuring the performance art piece, “Woman in E,” in which a woman in gold stands in a circle of gold while playing E on guitar. It’s really cool, and we’re so into it that we’re going to dress ourselves in gold for the night. To tide us over until the 7th rolls around we’ve found 5 places to drink gold in one way or another.


José Andrés’s Barmini serves up a bunch of very classy, fancy cocktails. Fancy like gold. One of the drinks even incorporates gold flakes, so you can ingest gold but in a classier way than Goldschläger. That’s the ultimate level of gold, right?


Fire makes the air gold. It’s also transfixing to stare at, which is true of actual gold as well. Archipelago lights their Pineapple of Secrets (a golden fruit) cocktail on fire, and because it’s burning alcohol it shoots golden sparks, making it extra golden and exciting.

Johnny Pistola’s

In my mind, tequila is the gold standard of alcohols. Not only because of it’s golden color, but because of the rowdiness it implies. No one drinks tequila before settling in for a binge watch, it leads you to bigger, better things. Johnny Pistola’s is the gold standard for this golden liqour in DC because they have an entire menu dedicated to tequila. It’s location in Adams Morgan doesn’t hurt either, because that’s where I want to be when I’ve been drinking tequila.

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Some beer is wheat, and wheat is golden, therefore beer is gold, right? RFD has a very extensive selection of this liquid gold (not gasoline), which they describe on their three different beer menus in terms of each beer’s shade of gold. Some are “pale gold,” some are “hazy gold,” some are “deep gold,” but most are some form of gold. They also do a solid happy hour with $4 select drafts. Even when it’s not happy hour, you’ll get the most “gold” for your money here.

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Dram & Grain

Gold is associated with expense and exclusivity, as is Dram & Grain, which is basically the gold standard of cocktails in DC. You have to have reservations to get in and there are only 20 seats. Their menu includes a page of Classic Slaughters which are cocktails made with vintage alcohol, including a $200 old fashioned made with whiskey from the 1880’s. THE 1880’S! That’s insane. They also serve drinks at more normal prices for people who can’t/won’t throw a couple hundred dollars at brown liquid, and at least one of those comes with fire. Either route you go, you’re gonna feel like a golden human.

Paradise Lost