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Does every dad dream of the day he’ll be able to have a beer with his child, because I know my pops did. The problem is finding the right spot to take the old man. Though it isn’t like there’s any one fixed location that’ll do, as dads are like other people, there are many different types: the cool dad, the not-so-cool dad, the dad that was way too into Little League. So we’ll try to cover a few bases (dad’s love puns).


  • The Tenley Gastropub is often filled with Little League fathers. It’s a pub with a menu where you can add bacon to just about everything, and there’s cheap beer. Remember, dads don’t require fancy beer. My father’s idea of a craft beer is a Yuengling.
  • While not every dad likes riding a motorcycle, they all respect them. Take your father to Iron Horse where he’ll feel at home surrounded by things with engines and classic rock music.

easy rider gifs

  • Parents love Old Ebbitt Grill like seniors love Golden Corral. Take your father to Old Ebbitt; do not take your father to Golden Corral.
  • My personal favorite isn’t some upscale restaurant or bougie hotel bar, its the old Rockville Pike standby Hank Dietle’s. This place is one of the last existing no joke dives. The website menu reads: “Drinkers have three choices: beer, wine or water. Food? Chips.”  Warning: do not come without a dad and don’t try to get on the pool table.

water pool table


  • If you were planning on taking your dad to the ballpark why not go with a Minor League game? There’s the Frederick Keys and Bowie Baysox. The tickets, beer, and everything else is half the price of what you’d get at Nationals Park, and every dad can get behind a good deal.