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This Wednesday is Earth Day. It’d be wonderful if you spent the day cleaning up a creek or a strip of land beside a state highway. Since this isn’t some court ordered community service situation, we can’t force you to do anything. Even if you don’t want to get down and dirty, you can still be Earth conscious while enjoying your favorite past time, happy hour. So as you alternate between shots of Jim Beam and wheat grass, here’s a list of earthy drink options. Because juice bars are bars, too, they just don’t offer happy hour.


  • There’s plenty of places in the district to grab some fresh juice. One of the best is Khepra’s Raw Food & Juice Bar. These guys mission statement is to “provide the best food for your priceless body temple.” Won’t we all be so lucky to have a body temple.


  • There’s also a Mom’s (My Organic Market) now open in Ivy City. They got so much juice. Nearly unlimited juice, can you image that?

we have unlimited juice

  • And now to places that put alcohol in their juicy beverages. Like Soi 38 classic Singapore Sling, which contains Beefeater Gin, Luxardo cherry, Benedictine, clarified lime juice, chili aromatic bitters, sloe gin and pineapple juice. While pineapple juice isn’t exactly a wheat grass shot, its still kinda earthy.
  • The Prohibition cocktail at Jackpot has apricot brandy and orange juice. That’s sure to provide some portion of your daily vitamins.


  • If tomato juice is good for you, Bloody Mary’s must also be somewhat good for you. That’s just basic logic. Try St. Regis’ famous Red Snapper Bloody Mary, if you feeling fancy.
  • Or you could go with the super non-traditional Bloody Mary at Chinatown’s Del Campo. The cocktail is dubbed the Pantera and features Sol de Ica Acholado Pisco, fresh lemon, fish stock, red onions, celery, squid ink, applewood-smoked tomato juice, horseradish, Worcestershire, fresh pepper, Moldova salt, and grilled rocoto.

squid oil girl

  • Now here’s a happy hour deal for you. Head to Bar Pillar for Happy Hour and get a $5 “Papa Doble,” which has grapefruit juice–orange juices sophisticated older brother.