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Have you been counting down the days till the Kentucky Derby? Probably not. But if you have, I’d venture to guess it has little to do with a profound love for horse racing. It might have something to do with a deep-seeded gambling problem, but most likely has everything to do with big elaborate hats and mint juleps. Also, there are precious few times outside of college life/brunching when day drinking isn’t only socially acceptable, but is to be expected and relished. So we suggest you make the most of this opportunity and grab yourself one of those cool metal derby cups.

  • Little Miss Whiskey will be hosting a pig roast! The event is an all-you-can-eat/all-you-can-drink affair, tickets for the roast are $45. They even have this adorable promo photo of running piglets.


  • Red Derby literally has derby in its name, so obviously they’ll be celebrating this Saturday with gusto. Festivities will begin with their traditional Big Hat Brunch starting at 11 A.M. Mint Juleps cost $5 all day, for your drinking convenience.

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  • Mint Juleps are on tap at Southern Efficiency. These dudes understand efficiency.
  • Perhaps you’re the competitive type. Perhaps you just own some fancy sun hats. But wear your best Derby Day hat or bow tie to Acadiana for a chance to win a prize. They’ll be three different categories: prettiest, craziest and best do-it-yourself.

fallon derby hat

young frank

Keep it classy D.C.