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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner you’ll need a bar with some quality mood lighting. Or rather, perhaps you’ll need a bar with no lighting. Anything that’ll help deemphasize those weak cheekbones of yours. So here’s a list of some dark bars for stealing hearts.

  • Jimmy Valentine’s is the obvious choice. Valentine is literally in the name. Names are important.

say my name

  • It’s sister bar, Little Miss Whiskey’s, is also a winner. The purple lights there should help to make your face look bright and beautiful, instead of so very plain and blemished. No happy hour per se – but drinks are VERY affordable year round.

little miss whiskey

  • Have we mentioned the Red Derby? It’s awesome, it’s dark, she’ll love it.
  • Nothing is more forgiving than a string of Xmas lights. They’re more decoration than lighting, which is why you strung them around your college dorm room. The Looking Glass Lounge has them in spades. Also, got to mention the velvet wallpaper–real classy, sensual stuff, folks.

looking glass

  • The Boundary Stone is always good for a low-key date spot. The happy hour is fantastic and the bar food totally boss.

boundary stone