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It’s always refreshing when you get new refreshments into your stagnant happy hour routine. Maybe you always go to the same place and have the same discounted draft beer every Thursday and Friday afternoon. I’m often guilty of this, and there are worse things in the world. But this week, we’re highlighting some local spots that make it a point to keep things fresh. Introducing new beers and wines, unique beverage pairings, and flights filled with variety, these curated beverage programs are guaranteed to not be boring, even if you are.

Pizzeria Paradiso

Just click that link above and you’ll already get a sense of why this place isn’t boring. Their website URL is “eatyourpizza.com”. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure that’s some sound advice. The other thing that doesn’t suck about this place is that they have one of the best beer menus in the city, including constantly rotating taps and some really rare shit in bottles. You know it’s gonna be good when the beer menu they hand you is a book, not just a laminated sheet of paper. Later this month, they’re holding collaborations with Flying Dog and 3 Stars, but trust me, their offerings are way more diverse and way more exotic than those D.C. area brewers. And with three locations, in Dupont, Georgetown, and Old Town Alexandria, there’s even more ways to get creative this week (sidebar: Georgetown’s got the best beers).


Here’s more new life being injected into an already great spot. DBGB’s happy hour is now all day on Monday, and maintains the healthy 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. schedule the rest of the week. The specials are on point, and a $5 cocktail du jour will do the decision-making for you. Not your speed? Then the abundance of $5 wines and $5 beers will probably take care of you. $1.50 oysters provide the ideal complement to whatever you’re sipping on.

DBGB Byt-15-9972DBGB Byt-18-0013

Cuba Libre

There’s no better place you can go if rum is your thing. They have over 90. They make five on the premises. At the start of this month, they introduced two new rum flights, specifically curated with matching flavor profiles. The weirdly named Don Q Flight and Tour of the Dark Side “of Rum” Flight feature one ounce pours of three rums, priced at $16. You could do a lot worse than just a little over five bucks a shot. Next Tuesday, August 16, is also National Rum Day, because everything you can think of has it’s own day apparently. Case in point: today is National S’mores Day. All rums will be half price on National Rum Day. That’s great! When is National Advil Day? I’m hungover.

Lupo Verde

We are very good at rosé. But really, we’re very good at cheap rosé. Lupo Verde is offering better rosé than the ones we are experts at. This month, they’re showcasing six types of Italian rosé, by the glass or by the bottle. Any time you order some in August, you’ll be treated to a complimentary cheese pairing: three one-ounce bites from their in-house cheese shop. You’re welcome to try all six rosés and pour them into the same container. We had really good success with this, but your mileage may vary.

060616_Rosé Wine Taste Test_083_F

Meridian Pint

The best thing about Meridian Pint is that it’s always fresh. Grab a beer list or check it online, and you’ll always notice that the selections are never more than a couple days old. Their Booze and Bites happy hour runs Monday through Friday, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., and you will probably never have the same thing twice.