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While margaritas aren’t really my dig, we can all make an exception for Cinco de Mayo. Here’s a mid-week festival that gives you full license to enjoy as many glorified alcoholic slurpees as you can responsibly (or not so responsibly) manage. However, the real star of the day are buffets; they’re everywhere and they’re spectacular. So let’s celebrate our neighbor country’s independence day with the same fervor we’d celebrate our own. Because we’re all lovers of liberty and endless fajitas.

  • There’s a few options when it comes to getting your Mexican buffet game on, but the most wallet friendly choice is El Centro D.F. $15 doors at the door gets you all the empanadas, black beans, and other Mexican foodstuffs your stomach can handle.

jackie licking lips

  • At Masa 14, the cost for the buffet is $20 at the door. They’re cuisine, however, as you probably already know, is a fusion of Latin and Asian. Which means spring rolls with chipotle hoisin. To be honest, I don’t know what chipotle hoisin is, but I still really want it.

I want to go to there

  • Alero has 15 different margaritas to choice from. They also have three different locations in D.C. How much more inclusive can you get?
  • Looking to play a little hooky? El Chucho has a brunch special that’ll start at 11:30 a.m. If not, they’ve got all day specials, as well. But, c’mon, all work and no play, you know.


  • For $30, Rosa Mexicano has a three course fiesta menu. The menu offers hot Mexican doughnuts. It has other things, but how good does that sound.


One more time: Hot Mexican Doughnut.