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On a scale from apple juice to hard cider, how much do you want to feel like you’re not drinking an alcoholic beverage? If you like cider and you like using words like ‘crisp’ and ‘fresh’ to talk about it then gather some friends, head to one of these places and enjoy your cider. Normally I would say something along the lines of cider being the perfect winter drink but I can’t predict the next time it’s going to be below 50 degrees.


The Prospect wants us to celebrate how much we love cider with them, how thoughtful. From February 8th until the 12th there will be a night dedicated to a different kind of cider. Monday is Bold Rock, Tuesday is The Standard Cider, Wednesday is Sonoma Cider, Thursday is Original Sin, and Friday is ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT.

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Churchkey has a selection of over 25 cider options from you to choose from. The menu has Spanish, American, English, and pear ciders – if you’re like me and get overwhelmed with big menus I would ask someone at the bar for a recommendation. With $7 you can get several of their American and pear cider options.


Even if you’re not an Anglophile, the whole idea of pubs is pretty nice especially in the winter months. The Queen Vic’s drink menu is stocked up with cocktails made with cider and just cider on its own. Blackthorne and Fullers ciders go for $7.27 and Magners goes for $6.36. Come one come all lads! english nebulae queen elizabeth cosmos outer space



Brookland Pint serves a lot of alcohol, so their list of ciders is pretty extensive. If you want to order by the bottle you can opt for a Millstone Sidra Americana or Stonewall; Ablemarle Ciderworks Pomme Mary or Old Virginia Winesap; or the Urban Farm Fermentory Ol Cranny. They also serve Bold Rock Crimson Ridge as a draft for $6.


Countries not in the UK drink cider too, countries with better food. Estadio is a Spanish restaurant that happens to have a huge selection of ciders, they just call cider ‘sidra.’ If you decide to go to Estadio go with a bigger group of people so you can share food and a giant bottle of the Trabanco, Poma Aurea, Sidra or sangria.


What a cheeky name. The Fainting Goat has plenty of options of cider from brands you know and ones that you’re now going to know after going there. You can get Original Sin Cherry Tree Cider, Ace Joker Dry Cider, Cidre Douche Brut Apple Cider, Crispin Brown’s Lane Cider, AND MORE all for about $7. And for your friends who don’t like cider, there’s always Miller Lite.

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