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This week marks the return of Mad Men for the final half of its final season. While many have postulated about the many possible Don Draper outcomes, no one has suggested long term sobriety for our man. Because Don Draper without rye whiskey and Lucky Strikes is just preposterous. Anyway, now’s your excuse to drink old fashions and feel like an boss executive. Also, chain smoke, if you must.

I've been good, I haven't even been drinking that much

  • Jack Rose is about their whiskey and that of course includes rye whiskey. So it only makes sense that they have an old fashion that’s on point. 1/2 price happy hour is available at the first floor saloon bar Monday-Friday 5-7 PM.
  • Ordering an old fashion at Bourbon is just the right call. Classy as ice clinking around in your glass. They also have a happy hour that features $4 off craft cocktails every Monday-Friday 5-7 PM.


  • While the tragedy of the Quarry House fire has no doubt deeply impacted Silver Spring’s already hurting bar scene, at least there’s still the Sidebar. They’re old fashion is a one smooth operator served with a huge block of ice.


  • The dim-lights and bohemian atmosphere of the Atlas Room will have you feeling so sophisticated, so Manhattan. While the cocktails will have you feeling all kinds of fine.
  • The old fashion at Room 11 is unique. It’s smoky and strong and manly. I know you want it so badly.

don draper doesn't care

Do what you will, Don Draper doesn’t care.