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The long weekend is over. You’re stuck back at work, but instead of writing that report or photocopying that important thing, you’re day dreaming about the next time you can be boozin’ out in the sun. Well thankfully, you wont have to wait very long, because I’ve got some excellent outdoor (or indoor if you’d rather be near the AC) happy hours for you. For even more outdoor drinking advice, hit up our guide.

So let’s get started:

  • 1905 – Interested in something more… well… healthy? HappyDC has a Walk the City happy hour where everyone meets at Metro Center and walks to 1905 (where you can drink back all the calories you lost in beer). Alternatively, you can just meet everyone at 1905, but wheres the fun in that?
  • Club Heaven and Hell – Okay, so this doesn’t take place outside, but it was too cool to not include. Club Heaven and Hell is throwing a happy hour that includes a little theater. Drink and eat your way through the place from 6:00pm-8:30pm, but after that, hang around for a one act play.
  • El Centro D.F. – From 5pm-7pm sip on some $4 margaritas, beers, sangrias, and wine. Don’t forget to follow all your boozin’ with some $6 tacos.
  • Biergarten House – $5 everything (almost)! $5 beers, wines, loaded fries, hamburger sliders, and Garden Currywurst.
  • Osteria Morini – This happy hour is a lil bit fancier than some others, but it’s still absolutely delicious. Small bites, like the Crispy Ravioli and the Crispy Mozzarella (I like crispy things, okay?) run from $3-$5. Beer is $5, cocktails at $7, and wine on tap is $7… but I’m still drooling over the idea of crispy mozzarella.
  • Ambar – Cocktails, wine and beer will all run you $4 during happy hour… and so will the appetizers! Check out the bread basket (because who doesn’t like bread?), the Balkan Salad (I’m always down for aged cheese), and the Balkan Kebab (more aged cheese!)
  • Urbana – All week from 4pm-7pm Enjoy $7 cocktails (i’m looking at you Tuscan Sun), $6 wines, $8 pizzas, $5 bar bites, and MORE!
  • Mandu – I’ve gone to many a Mandu happy hour, so you can trust me when I say it’s excellent. Their $4 rail drinks are made with surprisingly high quality liquor, the $4 Sojutinis are delicious, and the $3 drafts always seal the deal for me.
  • Ghibellina – Get day drunk Tuesday through Sunday with $4 drafts, $5 wines, and $6 cocktails. And then eat one of their excellent pizzas. Sounds like an awesome day to me.
  • Tour de Fat – Okay, so while this isn’t necessarily a happy hour, it is booze related. The Tour de Fat is this weekend, which is a smorgasbord of beer, biking, comedy, and more! Win a free ticket here.