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Last week was Beer Week, this week is Restaurant Week. Apparently, since nothing is getting done in August anyways, the District has decided to sponsor a half-month of drinking and eating. However, your interest lays in discount drinks and solid happy hours, not with limited menus and over-crowded dinning rooms. So to help you avoid the chaos, we’ve compiled a short list of quality restaurants not participating in Restaurant Week. These are places where you can drink your drink in peace like a regular person on a regular day during a regular week.

Partisan: Part of the wonderful Red Apron collective, the Partisan doesn’t really do happy hour per se. Instead they offer Aperitivo hour from 4-6 P.M. that includes $5 cocktails designed to stimulate the appetite.


Garden District: Forget the Restaurant Week celebrations and head on over to Garden District to celebrate their fifth birthday. They’ll be serving up $5 bofbraus all summer long after 5pm Monday thru Friday.

Cashion’s: While Mintwood is participating, and it’ll be a zoo, Cashion’s is just next store. And though happy hour here is only offered at the bar, at least there will likely be a spot available.

Barcelona: Happy hour from 4-6 P.M. offers 2-3 tapas dishes and $5 glasses of wine. Can’t beat that.

barcelona (wine+pig)

Ghibellina: Another classy pizza spot, Ghibellina has a killer happy hour special. Offered Tuesday-Sunday 4:30-6:30 P.M. happy hour includes $3-4 drafts, $5 wine by-the-glass, and best of all half-off pizzas. 


Also: here’s our guide to restaurant week, if that’s what you’re feeling.