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Sick of paying over upwards of $12 for a cocktail or $7-$8 for a beer? Aren’t we all. The prices in the district can sometimes be outrageous, but there are plenty of awesome hapy hour deals to be enjoyed. And just because you like inexpensive drinks does mean you want to drink in a place that feels cheap. So here is a brief list of places with happy hour specials that’ll give you more bang for your buck and aren’t divey shitholes.

  • The Hamilton’s happy hour is weekdays from 4PM-7PM. Monday through Thursday there’s $2 Miller Lite bottles, $3 rail drinks, which is awesome. But Fridays it’s $1 PBR cans and Miller High Life bottle all day, which is extraordinarily awesome.
  • Feelin’ lucky? Try a $3 mystery beer at the beer Bier Baron. If not, the beer list is incredibly extensive so there’s no problem being choosy. Happy hour every weekday is from 5PM-7PM.

well, do ya, punk

  • Bar Charley understands the frustration of cocktails that set you back $12-$13 and are here to help remedy the problem. Happy hour is all day monday and from open till 6:30 the rest of the week and features $5-$6 cocktails.
  • The happy hour at Grillfish also offers multiple $5 cocktails options and $4 rail drinks. Not to mention the daily specials are the bomb diggity–I’m talking about some $2 fish tacos on Margarita Mondays and $1 raw or fried oysters every Wednesday.


  • The Madhatter also has one of the city best happy hour deals. They also offer all night specials. Starting at 5Pm on tuesdays all draft beer is half price, and Thursdays its $1 Miller Lite drafts and $4 rail drinks.

madhatter pouring

Drink responsibly (or don’t)