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We’re all still children at heart. And we’re never closer to our inner child then when imbibing, depending on how much you had to drink, you might actually be closer to inner toddler. But the point is we just want to play games, and the rules hardly matter because you’re gonna cheat anyways. Reminder: it’s not about whether you win or loss. It’s all about getting a buzz on.

  • H. Street Country Club hosts an all night happy hour every Tuesday. They also have skeeball. When was the last time you played skeeball–bet it was at a county fair. Wouldn’t you prefer to play it in a bar. Well, now you can.
  • Like arcade games but hate flashing screens? Then pinball must be your game. Lyman’s has six impeccably kept pinball machine.


  • Atlas Arcade has the best beat’em up games from your childhood. I’m talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Double Dragon II, and motherfucking Golden Axe y’all!
  • If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to games and you’re searching out some hot board game action then the aptly named Board Room is your place. They have 30+ board games to rent at the flat fee of two dollars. Hungry hungry hippos anybody?


  • Penn Social also its share of board games. But more importantly they have Giant Jenga and Foosball. God I love foosball. Pro tip: name your players that way you can chant their name every time they score.

perfection game

  • Or maybe your just done with board games. That time in your life has just come and passed. Then it might be time you second half of your sporting life by enjoying the favorite leisure sport of the elderly, bocce ball. But wait, it’s too cold outside you say. Good thing Black Jack has an indoor court. Now go get your bocce on, boys and girls.
  • And for all the bar sport purists out there, try some good old fashion darts at Nellie’s. So gather up your bros and get a $15 bucket of cheap beer and play darts your little heart desires.

mike tyson darts