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Fire places are magical. At no time in human history will the fire places go extinct or become useless. They are, and will continue to be, essential regardless of advancements in modern heating techniques. Burning wood logs in a brick alcove will always be a winter time must, and it’s totally badass.

  • We’ll begin with the Ritz-Carlon Georgetown. Not because it’s the fanciest; not because fire places have to be fancy; but because they have a s’mores happy hour from 6:30-7 p.m. These is were you want to go after a day of skating at the nearby Washington Harbor ice rink.
  • This holiday season Circle Bistro lounge is speakeasy themed for happy hour (4-7pm daily expect for Christmas). And they obviously also a fire place.

james cagney

  • McGinty’s Public House has a gas-fire place on its first floor. It also has $3 Yunglings and Shocktops for happy hour from 3-7pm every weekday.
  • The English-style living rooms of the Tabard Inn have the prefect amount of couch space to really help you enjoy that roaring fire. So grab an old fashion Sazerac and relax.

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  • While its more a fire pit than a fire place, from Art and Soul’s patio you have an excellent view of the capitol dome. They’re also the most dog friendly bunch. Seriously, they have a whole menu dedicated to dogs.

dog food

  • The problem with fire pits, however, is that the best place to enjoy fire place and is sitting by the hearth. Fire pits do not give you this option, but Chez Billy’s does. They also have live jazz. Live jazz and fire places definitely go together.
  • But if what you’re looking for is the warmest, most cozy of fire place options, then you must want to drink wine. Sonoma will provide you that wine, and let you sit by the fire so that you can be lost in all its beautiful embers. In the right setting, fire is a peaceful thing.

elaine with wine