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Drinking in a divey-pubby-bar place only makes sense in the winter. Hiding away in these public houses is part of the counter stone of Western society; they’re the sanctuary of the everyman. And they might just be the best places to score primo happy hour beer deals.

  • Near the BYT office is The Velvet Lounge, one of D.C. finest dive bars. And by finest I mean grimiest, but the most endearing kind of grime.

milk bar

  • Looking Glass Lounge is basically the older, more mature, sibling of Wonderland Ballroom. Wait, did Alice even have a sibling? Yes, she did. She read boring books without pictures, “And what is the use of a book, thought Alice, without pictures or conversations.”


  • The Quarry House has $4 drafts from 4-8pm everyday. Because even if you’re in Silver Spring you still deserve a proper dive bar basement to fulfill all your beer drinking needs.
  • American Ice Co. recently introduced a new tap from Denizens Brewing Co. for this winter called Junk in the Dunk, because the Wizards are on fire this year.  The happy hour specials including $6 beer and a shot, $4 Astra and $5 Gansett till 7 pm Monday through Friday.

American Ice Co.

  • There aren’t too many real dive bars left in Arlington. Yet Jay’s Saloon & Grill remains, and that should be respected.


  • Everyone loves the Raven Grill. Last year it was City Paper’s Best Dive Bar of the Year. Before 8pm Natty Boh’s are $2, so grab ourselves a few and hit the jukebox, AYYY!
  • Codmother has beer and food. You need little else and we both know it. And you’d like that food fried, good thing Codmother has that in spades–they even have deep-fried Snickers and Oreos!

deep fried butter