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No, it’s not the season for gin and tonics. But alcohol doesn’t care about its own seasonality and never should you. Because you want what you want, and you’d like it at a fair price. Because, you sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

ron swanson awestruck

  • Everyone knows by now that Oyamel is freaking sweet, and that Jose Andres simply can do no wrong. But, did you know they have a killer gin and tonic and that their happy hour, or rather hora feliz, is between 4-6 every weekday? The more you know.

the more you know

  • Okay, even though Mockingbird Hill doesn’t offer a happy hour, they do offer gin and tonic on tap. This sherry bar is another bright spot in the blooming Howard/Shaw scene.  They have ham on ham and have more varieties of sherry than anywhere–I’m fairly certain.

wait for you here by this tree

  • The Satellite Room behind 9:30 Club has gotten the attention of the Washington Post with their boozy milkshake creations. Like a gin and tonic, they offer a drink called the Archie Leach, which includes strawberry ice cream with Tanqueray.
  • This Petworth bar, DC Reynolds, has a killer gina and tonic. But better yet still, all drinks are two-for-one between 5 and 9. How you like them apples.

applesauce, bitch

  • There are plenty of places to get a gin and tonic in Dupont Circle, but Level is one of the best. Not only do they have happy hour every night from 5-8, but they also have a Wednesday hump day brunch special!

hump day

  • The gin and tonic at Ris will have you thinking its summer. And isn’t that what you really want, to forget that winter is coming? Pssh, winter: ain’t nobody got time for that.

winter is coming

Y’all ready now?