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It’s football season. Wanna know what goes well with football? Drinks. You don’t like football? Well then, do you know what goes well with pretty much everything anyways? Drinks. Did you know that there’s an average of about 30 seconds of play over the span of a 3 hour football game? That definitely makes me want to drink.


If you want to drink but want to avoid sporting events at all costs, consult our handy Best Bars Without Television In DC Guide.


Moving on. We’re here to help you enjoy your football game, or help you survive through the football game that someone dragged you out to watch with these sports bar happy hours, or football specials.


  • Lou’s City Bar: 11:30am-7pm: 50% off burgers. They also have drink specials on a daily basis but the burgers are ONLY CHEAPER ON MONDAYS. Lou’s is the place to be for sports, everyone and their mother shows up and watched all the TV’s and it’s a grand time.
  • Stoney’s: 5pm-7pm, $3 IPA drafts and $3 grilled cheese. Go watch the game and get some mind-blowingly delicious grilled cheese. They have so many different kinds. You can try this cheesy work of art for $3.
  • Town Tavern: $3 domestic bottles and $12 mix-and-match buckets. $12 is the price of 1.33 beers at a Capitals game. Also a prime location to meet fellow football fanatics (alliteration).




  • Old Dominion Brewhouse: The ODB happy hour is kinda great, all large beers are $4.75 and they’re good craft beer unlike most football specials, and the space is large enough with enough quality screens to make sure you’ll be able to watch the game without being uncomfortable. So enjoy a beer that doesn’t taste like water and spread your elbows out because you can.
  • Stoney’s: Any drink with High West Double Rye is $5, 1/2 price grilled cheese. More yummy grilled cheese with booze.



  • Blackjack: there is a happy hour ALL DAY SUNDAY EVERY SUNDAAAY! Half price draft beers, pizzas, dive burgers, AND Addie’s Mussels. There’s also $5 wine from 3pm-10pm. Half price everything and then inexpensive, yet delicious, wine. Who are you to say no to that? OH GOOD NEWS THERE’S MORE! During Football season Sunday hours will follow the redskins schedule. They’ll open early for any redskins games that begin at 1pm even though they usually open at 3pm. They’ll play every redskins game over the speakers, and for the duration of the game you can get 25 cent wings, and $1 bartender’s choice shooters. SO MUCH FOOTBALL AND SO MUCH CHEAP FOOD!
  • Town Tavern: More things from Town Tavern. For all the Sunday NFL game days there’s $4 domestic bottles, $10 Bud Light pitchers, $15 Wing/Bud Light pitcher Combo. So beautifully inexpensive.


EVERY DAY! (or most days of the week)

  • Acre 121From 5pm-7pm Monday-Friday there are select $5 draft beers, $5 wine, $5 well liquor, AND a bunch of appetizer specials. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Sunday-Thursday from 9pm-11pm, at the bar only, there are $5 draft beers, $5 wine, and $5 well liquor. There are TV’s everywhere for all of your football-watching needs.
  • Stoney’s: Stoney’s has a happy hour every weekday from 5pm-7pm, with $3 drafts/$12 pitchers of Bud, Bud Light, and Stoney’s Amber. They also have different food specials depending on the day of the week.
  • Old Dominion Brewhouse: From Monday-Friday it’s $4.75 large draft beers, and select foods and appetizers are $5. Monday-Friday. That’s 5 days of saving money where you’d normally probably be spending it on something that costs more. Don’t take advantage of this opportunity.

 Football and drinks and food and happiness. YAY SPORTS!