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Sixty years ago today, musical genius/cyclist extraordinaire/general all-around inspiration David Byrne was born, unleashing upon the world decades and decades of adorably awkward dance moves, giant suits and INCREDIBLE music. Whether leading Talking Heads through hit after hit, collaborating with Brian Eno, or  performing in a frilly ballet tutu, Byrne has kept us intrigued, laughing, toe-tapping and shoulder dancing for, essentially, most of our lives (if not our lives in their entireties).

So it’s no surprise that we feel an ultra-pressing need to honor this once-in-a-lifetime human being on this, his SIXTIETH BIRTHDAY. In celebration, here is a fantastic interview wherein Byrne interviews himself, followed by our top 5 Byrne songs of all time (tutu action included, obviously).

And with that, away we go…..

5.And She Was

4. Strange Overtones (with Brian Eno)

3. Girlfriend’s Better

2. Burning Down the House (in a tutu)

1. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)