Hangover Cures
Alex Nicholson | Sep 4, 2015 | 1:00PM |

Thanks to everyone that tuned in to our appearance on Good Day D.C. yesterday morning. Since the Hangover Guide was requested before you begin celebrating this holiday weekend, here it is. -ed.

We took some time to find out how D.C.’s professional drinkers and eaters take care of that nasty dog in the morning, and are sharing their remedies with you. Got a better idea? Share in the comments!

Adam Bernbach: Bar Manager – Proof and Estadio and Doi Moi and 2 Birds 1 Stone

  • What’s Your Poison? Right now, my poison is George Dickel No. 12 Tennessee Whiskey
  • Hangover cure? My favorite hangover cure is coffee, coconut water & pho.

David Varley: Executive Chef – BOURBON STEAK

  • What’s Your Poison? I like to consider myself an equal opportunity imbiber. Not necessarily ruling out any spirits, I’m not crazy about vodka but will enjoy it under the right circumstances. I love Beer, Wine, Mezcal, Gin, Vermouth, Amaro etc., etc., etc. Lately I’ve been drinking a great deal of small batch bourbon like the Willets and the Van Winkle Family stuff.
  • Hangover cure? As far as hangovers are concerned I truly believe “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” My formula is that I typically mitigate hangovers by drinking a glass of water for each drink I consume throughout the night. I will then drink a sports drink with electrolytes before bed and set my alarm for 6 am. I wake up, drink another sports drink and take 2 extra strength Excedrin. I then go back to sleep for 2-4 hours. A cold shower and a very strong coffee round out the regimen.

Alex Nicholson: Food Editor for BYT

  • What’s Your Poison? Grey Goose martinis, a little dirty, no olives, icy
  • Hangover cure? Coco water, Excedrin Migraine, crying.

Tiffany MacIsaac: Executive Pastry Chef – Neighborhood Restaurant Group (creator of The DC Luther-ed)

  • What’s Your Poison? I LOVE a drink called the Pink Lady if I’m feeling fancy, but when I’m just out to drink it’s Johnny Walker Black on the rocks for me!
  • Hangover cure? The day after my wonderful husband will sometimes make the drive to Wawa, a Pennsylvania-grown convenience store, for a meatball sub or Italian hoagie. Or a giant burger. That always hits the spot!

Anthony Chittum: Executive Chef – Vermilion

  • What’s Your Poison? Stella and/or Vodka Soda
  • Hangover cure? I start with a large glass of water and two Excedrin before I go to bed. The next morning I’ll have a greasy breakfast of fried eggs with bacon, toast, jelly, another glass of water, three Excedrin and then take a nap!

Greg Engert: Beer DirectorNeighborhood Restaurant Group

  • What’s Your Poison? So I would say that I unsurprisingly tend to imbibe whatever craft beer I can find when I go out…for this reason I end up at bars and restaurants with more expansive beer lists. A standby has been–and always will be–good old Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, the classic American craft brew that tends to find its way onto even the more mundane beer lists in town and beyond.
  • Hangover cure? For hangovers, I tend to grab some Pho. It’s the perfect hangover cure…my favorite place for Pho is Pho 75 in Arlington, but if I am staying in the District I like Pho 14.

Quanta Robinson: Chef – Black’s Bar & Kitchen (Bethesda,Md)

  • What’s Your Poison? Vodka/Tonic
  • Hangover cure? Biscuits w/ Sausage Gravy and Beer!

Joseph Zumpano: Director – Black Restaurant Group

  • What’s Your Poison? Proper Gin or Bourbon
  • Hangover cure? 1 quart of Coconut Water with 3 packs of Emergn-C mixed in. Follow with a Bloody Mary. Cheers


Ari Wilder: Stir Food Group Corporate Mixologist & Co-Owner Wilder Bros Craft

  • What’s Your Poison? Gin, bourbon, wine and negronis.
  • Hangover cure? Carrot, beet, Ginger juice fresh. And exercise. Works every time.

Justin Bittner: Chef – Bar Pilar

  • Hangover cure? Lots of ice water, working in front of a hot stove. And here’s a weird one, but sometimes shaving makes me feel a little better.

Manny Fliakas: General Manager – Whitlow’s on Wilson

  • What’s Your Poison? Scotch
  • Hangover cure? Drink 2 large glasses of water before passing out! Three reasons,1) it gets your body hydrated, 2) you’re gonna have to relieve yourself in the middle of the night at which point you take 2 Advil with another glass of water. If that doesn’t work start drinking again as soon as you get up, but remember to drink responsibly!!

Nycci Nellis: Publisher, TheListAreYouOnIt.com  & Co-Host, Foodie & The Beast (radio/tv)

  • What’s Your Poison? Bubbly! Love the bubbles in all shapes and sizes.
  • Hangover cure? The best cure bar-none is lying in bed, cursing that last sip the night before and watching reruns of Law & Order (CSI, SVU, etc). Since I rarely have that luxury, a tall glass of ginger ale usually does the trick.

Svetlana Legetic: Mostly In Charge of BYT

  • What’s Your Poison? Very Dry Vodka Martinis, Gin & Tonics, Salt Rimmed Margaritas (that salt rim kick of sodium adds to extra dehydration, because I like to finish what I started), Chardonnay (new development), Kir Royales & dark, fruity Belgian beers
  • Hangover cure? I used to take 4 Tyleonol extra strengths and chase them with 2 tall glasses of water but then I heard that (as in-taking tylenol on a stomach full of alchohol) may actually cause my kidney/liver to fail so NOW! I swear by an extra extra horseradishy bloody mary, huevos rancheros and at least 2 liters of diet coke for regained productivity. Having a bagel (or two) with extra cream cheese and avocado helps too.

Melissa McCart: NBC editor for The Feast Washington

  • What’s Your Poison? Beer, wine, Jameson
  • Hangover cure? Two tablespoons of honey, a glass of water and two Advil before bed–or any combination of the three. Eating plain honey drunk is kinda fun.

Ashley May: Full time makeup artist, part time bartender

  • What’s Your Poison? Bourbon
  • Hangover cure? Fresh oysters. In theory it sounds bonkers. Slimy, gelatinous, raw and potentially contaminated shellfish when all you want to do is vom. But anyone who actually gets past the idea of it will back me up. They are salty and refreshing and chock full of zinc, which any professional boozer will tell you is the real trick. DO IT.

Derek Brown: Bar Owner, Mixologist -The Passenger; Cocktail Columnist

  • What’s Your Poison? Whiskey
  • Hangover cure? Egg Drop Soup

Fritz Hahn:  Drinks, then writes about it. Sometimes the other way around (For Washington Post).

  • What’s Your Poison? Bourbon, gin, English ales and Belgian Christmas beers. Usually not all at the same time.
  • Hangover cure? Drinking water throughout the evening so that I don’t get a hangover in the first place. Other than that, I swear by eggs with hot sauce and a French press full of strong black coffee — preferably French Roast from M.E. Swing.

Amanda McClements: Editor – metrocurean.com

  • What’s Your Poison? Champagne
  • Hangover cure? Watermelon


Recent Comments:
  • Jan says:

    Very nice written! Excited for more!


  • Anonymous says:

    How has no one mentioned Pedialyte?! It works so well!

  • Anonymous says:

    Justin bitner no longer works at bar pilar. Also isnt will moris the exec chef of vermillion? Not anthony chittum?

  • SS says:

    be in good shape with a high metabolism. next: water, intravenous saline, oxygen mask, nap. you can drink as much as you want if you are in fit, and know a paramedic

  • JRW. says:

    Before bed:

    1. Shit tons of water + 2 or 2.5 packets of Emergen-C. Literally, tonnssss of water, like you just wrecked a marathon or something.

    2. Secret Ingredient: Dramamine (the motion sickness drug). It’s odd but if you get queazy from mass amounts of booze like me, it’s your best friend. Take one after Step 1 and get ready to pass the fuck out.

    Next day:

    1. Gauge your hangover. If you’ve followed the Steps before bed, you’ll probably feel better than you think.

    2. Continue drinking water. Don’t stop. Maybe even have another 2 packets of Emergen-C.

    3. Don’t rush to the kitchen. Alcohol swells your stomach. An inflamed stomach lining = vomit-y. Let your stomach take a break before you fill it up again.
    – And, when you do eat: Grab eggs and don’t stick to your foodie ways with poached or runny eggs, your stomach won’t like that. Cook some starchy fried, scramble-y eggs or, better yet, a greasy omelette. Pair it with some hearty, fibrous toast.

    4. Sleeeeeeep! Honestly, we’ve all been over-servered mid-week and go to work the next morning by a thread of our lives. If you get too drunk on a Thursday, take a sick day or work from home. The less activity and the less stress you put on your body, the faster you’ll lose the hangover. And, trying to hold down vomit in front of your desk, while nursing a boose-induced migraine is quite stressful. I know this from experience.

    Happy Drinking. Xx.

  • ANh says:


  • Michael says:

    Nickster is dead on in everything he said, everyone else is wrong, esp the people who keep saying “pho” because now “pho” is trendy.

    you know what is helping your hangover? Being UP and OUT and the liquid in pho, which could be a bowl of water.

    Sun helps but since you’re all in DC there’s not much help for you there, unlike here, in glorious Coronado, California.

  • KnappyKlumps says:

    David Varley has the right general idea. Always works.

  • dr.katy says:

    Entire bag of dillpickle chips before bed, one B complex vitamin, 2 glasses of water. Upon waking, one more B complex vitamin, 2 Advils, and a glass of milk. Take a nap. Upon second waking, spicy greasy breakfast, pickles, strong cup of coffee with Baileys, followed by a caesar (bloody mary made with Clamato, for all you Americans). Works every time.

  • Izzy says:

    This always seemed to cure my hangovers pretty fast http://howtohacklife101.blogspot.com/2011/05/how-to-cure-hangover.html

  • nopostagerequired says:

    what is up with these chefs who create complex flavors in their food not follow through with what they drink – vodka/tonic, vodka/soda -> perhaps some of the most uninspired, and flavorless drinks out there. as a bartender, they are the bane of my existence.

  • DJ Lil' Elle says:

    I agree with Ashley on the raw oysters and also Amanda with watermelon. Pure ingredients with tons of vitamins are essential. I like roasting a head of garlic and eating an avocado.

  • Wendy says:

    Lots of coconut water.

  • mcgriddle says:

    that plus a mcgriddle!

  • J.Vu says:

    Greg Engert, you’re a smart man. Pho is totes the best hangover cure. Nothing beats a hangover quite like a big bowl of pho with extra “chocolate” and “strawberry” sauce.

  • Alan Zilberman says:

    I’m surprised there are new Hair of the Dog cures. Sometimes a shot of vodka is just what my hangover needs.

  • Deb says:

    Kombucha. Just enough alcohol to dull the pain, plus lots of B vitamins and live cultures. But usually, eggs (with cheeeese) and coffee do the trick.

  • Laughing says:

    Any tips on conquering the epic I’m-puking-up-bile-once-an-hour hangover that strikes with old age? Haven’t found a remedy yet….

  • Nickster (professional drinker) says:

    Dude I drink for a living at both my jobs…so let me tell you this:

    In response to the above suggestions:
    1. No one drinks water throughout the night unless they want to pee their brains out or don’t want to get drunk.
    2. Food is your enemy the next morning—all this garbage your talking about eating probably would have served you better before you drank. I especially recommend you don’t take the sushi shot that Zentang guy drank or oysters. ewww. puke city. Eat something hearty–I suggest something with bread.

    Here’s what you do while you’re drinking—my drinking etiquette list if you will:
    1. Eat before you drink—dont be a rookie or the 15 year girl who got her older bro to buy her that first boones farm.
    2. Stick to clear liqour—if you cant see through your shot/drink, its filled with sugar, and sugar laced alcohol gives you the hangover of hangovers. (Disagree? Drink 10 shots of Jager and prove me wrong.)
    3. Extending your Night out: Depending on your drinking mood…I have found that light beer seems to be the way to go because you can drink more of it and its lower in alcohol content—additionally craft beers are also good because they fill you up faster so you slow your roll down–just be careful of the alc % of that beer. Sticking to beer and having the occasional shot will keep you drunk, but on an upward party binge so the night lasts longer.
    4. Shots: I tend to do baby shots or split a whole one with a buddy. The key is to space out the booze and enjoy the night. Dont be the guy who downs 7 tequilas in a row and pukes on himself so your buddies cant hail you a cab.
    5. 2 Glasses of wine limit—face it, have you ever drank more than half bottle of wine and not felt like shit the next day? zactly.
    6. Lastly, but most important! Tip the bartender–he’s baby sitting your ass and feeding you drinks. dont be an asshole and not leave a dollar. Its like going to a concert and not clapping for the band jackass.

    My Poison: Jameson.

    Hangover cure:
    Drink lots of water and Do not eat! Your hangover always kicks in (at least for me) as soon as I take that first bite (yeah I may feel shitty, but the food makes it worse), so I avoid lunch and drink lots of Water. Usually by the afternoon you should have shed the hangover, but if not—hate to say it pound a beer. Its the only way to slowly ween you system off the booze. You already smell like a brewery so who’s gonna notice if you tie a few more on in the am. You’ll feel waaaay better. The only cure for a hangover is time, re-hydration and maybe a good nap…an ibuprofen might help, but I’m irish so we dont believe in that shit. I talked with Zane Lamprey from Three Sheets and he said the same thing—although he did say that fast food sometimes worked for him—but I’ll stick to the meal-free plan. After all, Its worked for me today!

  • KTGirl says:

    An extra dry dirty goose martini (or a few) can be easily remedied by a fruit punch gatorade and a breakfast burrito from Anitas. If you can convince someone to drive all the way out there to get you one, that is.