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Sometimes the news just has to wait. Sometimes the maddening debacles of the planet can be displaced from my awareness by an explosion of creativity right in my own backyard. Sometimes, it is CMJ festival, and thousands of bands from around the world pour their passion all over the streets. At those times, all I can do is write haiku.

Here are 11 haiku about some of my favorite acts from CMJ this year. It’s like news, but music.


no one ever looked
so goddamn adorable
complaining ‘bout the club


horses for guitars
ride away from the sheriff
we’ve got to go west


the sound is too full
overflow into jazz age
sing to the pussy


three men on the loose
like bed stuy bounty hunters
armed with sharpest notes


hyped up on j-pop
brimming with a joy that jumps
whistles and wild hoots


i went to sweden
i excavated echoes
strung them through my ears


they came in cooing
like a flock of gentle birds
but with more to sing


on-stage heart-attack
honest words strung on guitars
mirth and gravitas


album art like that
makes me want to paint myself
sing along the ride


i really don’t know
what made me like you so much
i just did, okay?


tinged with all that jazz
heavy dose of pith and sass
stage is dragon’s back

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