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Haiku is a noun that is the same in both the singular and plural.

Sometimes (always) the news is depressing and/or boring, but you know what isn’t depressing OR boring? Guessing games.

So, here are five haiku about some of the most talked-about news stories of the past few days. You guess what the hell I’m talking about. Things were particularly dismal this week, so I apologize in advance.

Want your favorite (most awful) news story translated into an evocative and atmosphere piece of Japanese poetry? Email me .

What my performance art and entertainment group, The Haiku Guys to write original haiku at your next office party/event/festival/bar mitzvah/bachelorette? Email us.


a smelly onion
layers of disapproval
the air stings your eyes

(conflicting appeals court rulings on obamacare insurance subsidies)

divert your flight plans
try not to look directly
at the explosions

(fas cancels u.s. flights to tel aviv)

the swedes are so apt
asking the toughest questions
are we real humans?

(hit swedish tv drama “äkta människor” (real humans) explores the existence of “hubots”)

it seems so surreal
trains filled with corpses, last words
rebels black release

(eastern ukranian rebels send trains with black boxes and bodies from flight mh17)

my ironic lord
i really wanna see you
beetles ate the tree

(a beetle infestion kills the george harrison memorial tree in los angeles)