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Haiku is a noun that is the same in both the singular and plural. Sometimes, ‘haiku’ can even be a verb.

This week, I accidentally forgot to write about any death or destruction, unless you count pigs. You should tweet these haiku, it will be fun!

hundred thirty five
is the number of millions
let’s go fly a kite

(@andylocal writes on 35 parks being overhauled in nyc #nytoday)

free el capitan
it’s just them and the cliff’s face
john muir would be proud

(climbers inch toward the summit in @yosemitenps)

we built this city
for politicians to choose
how i google things

(@barackobama speaks about the #internet and citizens, cable companies react)

fashionably late
@philharmonie de paris
strikes strikes a lonely tune

(@dezeen reports on Jean Louver boycotting the opening of the paris opera house, finally opening yesterday)

here in #xanadu
the stars fight each other for
the money you lose

(movie-themed gambling resort spends $70 million on commercial starring @leodicaprio, robert de niro, and brad pitt)

prepare to alter
your fave burrito order
sad piggies taste bad

(@chipotletweets removes pork from the menu because supplier is found to be in violation of animal welfare law)

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