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Haiku is a noun that is the same in both the singular and plural. Sometimes, ‘haiku’ can even be a verb.

This week, haiku delves into the season of giving, and forgiving, and religion, and altruism. Tis the season.

Happy holidays!

he’s diagnosing
spiritual alzheimer’s.
cure the curia!

(pope francis lambasts the holy see about their corruption and mismanagement in his christmas address)

the new york times says
there’s really no excuse for
any of those things

(media continues outrage over cia torture report)

after hanukkah
eat chop suey and dumplings
while gentiles eat ham

(the atlantic explores the evolution of chinese food for jewish christmas)

in peru the sun
shines not only on the roof
but through the outlets

(the peruvian government offers solar power to it’s poorest citizens – haiku by @petertiso)

maybe we humans
are just looking for a chance
to love and be loved

(npr article on the science of altruism, highlighted by christmas eve)

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