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Haiku is a noun that is the same in both the singular and plural. Sometimes, ‘haiku’ can even be a verb.

This week, haiku is a way for us to reflect on how absurd everything is on this entire planet. Enjoy!

favorite cocktail?
claro que cuba libre!

(obama announces a plan to potentially maybe slightly make amends with cuba)

everyone’s talking
but nobody is watching

(james franco’s new film release controversially cancelled after terrorist threats)

let’s make a promise
instead of killing children
let’s educate them

(in nigeria, india, u.s., and pakistan, children are victims of violent attacks and abuse)

her ear to the ground
eyes on cracks in the future
save us earthquake lady!

(lucy jones helps los angeles prepare for long-overdue catastrophic earthquake)

don’t try to deny
everybody wants to see
that lucky rabbit

(lonely historians in norway find a previously missing 1920’s walt disney film starring oswald the lucky rabbit)

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