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Haiku is a noun that is the same in both the singular and plural.

Haiku reminds us that we can have poetic thoughts despite the anarchic despair and senseless destruction always bubbling up around us.

Here are five haiku about some prevalent news stories from the past few days. You guess what the hell I’m talking about.

is it like tofu?
just put it in the freezer and
It tastes more like meat

(apple and facebook offer female staff $20k to freeze their eggs for later)

wonder if she’ll binge
on orange is the new black
maybe it’s too soon

(susan mellen is exonerated after 17 years in prison)

shaken and not stirred
if ground quakes and no one feels
did it move at all?

(studies show cracking is causing earthquakes deep underground – humans don’t register them)

under stone bridges
or in a series of tubes
no ones likes a troll

(hate-filled internet troll brenda leyland found dead in england)

maybe together
each shade of politician
will be less awful
(record number of african americans run for state office in mid-term elections)


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