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Last time, it was Yeni Sleidi. This time? Sofya Levina.

Kids get all the good things in life; from free Halloween candy to bubblegum flavored medicine to mother effing RECESS, they have EVERYTHING. And what do WE (the technically adult people) get? TAXES. CUBICLES. GYM MEMBERSHIPS. Maybe we can’t take back ALL of the things that rightfully belong to the non-grown-ups, but we thought we’d at least try to reclaim coloring, because it’s awesome and therapeutic as fuck.


Sofya Levina is a journalism student at Emerson College and an editorial intern at VICE Magazine.

Hello! Who are you in 140 characters or less? (THANKS Twitter.) 

I’m a Russian girl in America trying to figure my shit out.

Tell me about your enterprises. (All of ‘em.)

Well, I don’t really have any real enterprises at the moment. I’m working on an animated show about a small town in Vermont and a drawing series of mixtures of different animals that don’t belong together like a “bearakeet” which is a bear and a parakeet. I don’t know if you would consider that an enterprise…

Tell me about the artwork we are all going to print out and color today! What was the inspiration?

There really isn’t anything tying the pictures together. Basically just doodles inspired by things I see around me.

How’d you get so good at drawing? How did you start? What are your go-to tools / materials / supplies / etc. when creating something?

I started drawing when I was living Kiev when I was like 6. I took art lessons and those are some of my favorite childhood memories. My go-to tools are a B pencil, eraser, a brush pen, and a regular black pen. That’s pretty much it. When I’m doing animation I use my Wacom Tablet and Photoshop frame-by-frame.

What is the last book you read? (Honesty policy.)

Well, I’m reading Sula by Toni Morrison right now but the last book that I actually finished was The Moaning of Life by Karl Pinkerton.

What is something you really love?

I really love it when anyone is doing anything creative.  And I mean literally anything: music, art, performance, dance, writing, coding, waitressing, having a conversation. Any profession or hobby can be highly creative. It doesn’t even have to be good and I don’t have to like it. Just love seeing people put themselves out there and it encourages me to do the same.

What is something you really hate?

I really hate when people aren’t genuine. It reminds me of Brave New World  where everyone uses the same phrases to express themselves and it freaks me out. Not to say that I don’t fall into that as well. But that’s also something I hate.

Tell us some of your favorite spots (like, wherever. to eat food, to listen to music, to sit/contemplate, etc.) in NYC.

Baohaus is hands down one of my favorite places to eat in the city. Also, Tacos El Branco (shout out to Sunset Park!). I love listening to music on the train and trying to match up people’s movements and conversations with the music and making my own live music videos. There honestly isn’t a spot I don’t love in New York. Everywhere feels like home.

Tell me one dream you have. A dream of dreams, if you will.

A lot of the time I just dream about being self-employed, as lame as that sounds. But basically I just dream about being able to do a bunch of creative projects on my own schedule. Also my ability to hold a full-time job is pretty much non-existent. This sounds kind of angst-y and childish but this is honestly my biggest goal; to never have to hold a soul-sucking full time job. Just want to immerse myself in as many different artistic experiences as possible, and maybe get paid for it haha.

Give us a song to accompany our coloring adventures, please.

Oh that’s easy. “Maggot Brain” by Parliament Funkadelic. I’ve listened to that song every day of my life since I was 16 and there is nothing like getting lost in it and drawing.


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Want more? You can find her Twitter here: @sofya_levina and Instagram here: @sfyal