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When popular DJ and party promoter Mikey Adolphson left Washington earlier this year, many feared that it would be the end of his popular monthly elctro/indie/pop SIREN party at the Green Lantern. Yet, Adolphson (who DJs under the name DJ MAJR) soon announced that SIREN would continue as a quarterly party.

DJ MAJR returns this Friday for another installment of SIREN, and this time the BYGays are along for the ride as guest judges in the party’s outrageous hat contest. We recently chatted with DJ MAJR about his return.

BYGays: Where the hell did you go?

DJ MAJR: Ha. Like Jesus and herpes, I’m everywhere.  I am currently working on my Masters on the retirement home planet of Tucson, AZ.

You’ll come back to DC, right?

I’ll always come back to DC.  It’s my home, and is within 1-2 hours of my nieces and nephew.  And, despite being more pro-choice than a wire hanger on a flight of stairs, I am a bit of a family man.

Tell us a bit about your vision for SIREN now that it is a semi-regular party?

SIREN is on all-fours and, since December, has gone quarterly.  December – March – June – September.  The vision is to create a quarterly EVENT that goes over the proverbial top while keeping it simple: great music, décor that is both lavish and borderline-kitsch, quality bartenders with liberal wrists, and a good crowd craving even better stimuli.  After throwing parties for a living for quite some time, sometimes 2-3 times a month, I crave the big event: the quarterly awesome mess that is in all ways a production of my warped mind.  And, I will always love DC more than my luggage.

Any new music you’re eager to drop?

Right now I cannot stop playing a few tracks, so here’s a list of 5 electro gems I will definitely drop:

“Paddling Out (Wolfgang Gartner remix)” – Miike Snow
“Heavy Metal Lover (toMoose remix)” – Lady Gaga
“Really Want To See You Again” – Sneaky Sound System “Girl Gone Wild (Justin Cognito remix)” – Madonna and, of course…
“Unzip Me” – Cazwell & Peaches

These 5 are definitely my favorites right now, and represent the mixture of indie dance, nü disco and electro-pop that I love to dance to, myself.


SING IT! The BYGays will be judging SIREN’s hat contest (bonus points if you go shirtless, double-bonus points if you grope the judges).

What’s up with the hats?

Like any respectable gay who lived through the 1990’s, I have an adoration for “To Wong Foo.”  Within the story, Vida Boheme says that “today is a say-something hat day.”  This iconic statement has influenced many-a-gay to repeat it with a smile.  I wanted to take it a step farther. …Blend that with my unhealthy eyes-wide-drunk obsession with masquerades, and you have the perfect storm for a Say-Something Hat Rave.  It’s really something to appreciate when you make it easy for the crowd to become involved.  I learned this from the days of SHIFT; people want to lose themselves a bit in the stimuli around them, and when they’re affirmed by others being equally as ridiculous with the theme, they have the most amazing of times.  I have always tried to focus my parties on being unique with an ardent emphasis on just plain fun.  That should be the goal: give them something to remember and let them escape in their own sense of ‘fun.’

Will you be wearing one?

Oh, I will be wearing a hat that says many, many things… and an outfit that screams them.  As you know, I’ve always gone over the top when I put on my party outfits, and this will definitely give my SHIFT finale “Maleficent” costume a run for its money… You’ll just have to see it to find out.

SIREN is this Friday, March 09 at the Green Lantern and features DJ MAJR, DJ Shea Van Horn, DJ Jeffrex and DJ Della Volla.  $7, 21+ (open Vodka bar from 10-11pm). Hat contest judging by the BYGays.  For more information, see here.