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Maskne, amiright?

It was a super humid summer, but even the best conditions seem not to be able to prevent mask-induced breakouts – even the clearest of skin seems to be acting out with all the extra congestion.

Here are three tips for soothing irritation and breakouts right now via resident skincare expert Becky Waddell of Take Care Shop:

1. Cleanse thoroughly at night.
I know it’s so easy to just pass out at the end of a long, hot day but it is critical to wash your face before hitting the hay. Here’s the caveat: thorough does not mean harsh! Finding the right cleanser for your skin in this specific and unique season is key!

2. Refresh your skin throughout the day.
Let’s say you go to a brunch picnic, then head home, then go grab patio drinks at your fave neighborhood spot, then home again. Don’t wait until the end of the day to cleanse! Instead, use a cleansing wipe or even a simple splash of water with a clean towel in between mask wearing sessions. That way, all that sweat, oil and pollution isn’t sitting on your skin all day long.

3. Exfoliate and mask, but don’t go overboard.
Enzymes, acid masks and manual exfoliants are your friends right now, but it’s important to use ones that aren’t harsh. If you’re feeling oily, congested or overactive in general, acid masks a couple times per week will help penetrate and dissolve buildup. Make sure to look for a sunscreen warning, as most of them will make you more susceptible to sunburn or damage. If you’re feeling really irritated, dehydrated and sensitive in general, try raw honey.

The Spa at Take Care also has a stellar treatment to help any and all maskne flare-ups!

If you’ve been feeling like you need a little revitalization but are weary of visiting multiple spas, we created The Quarantine Refresh just for you. This package includes an express facial, foot facial (featuring local + WOC brand Naturally London!) and brow wax for $185. In and out in about an hour!