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Good Stuff Eatery rolled out the red carpet for its arrival to DC Monday night. Although the restaurant officially opened on July 7th, Monday night was its VIP Grand opening event. Despite our causally late arrival, we were personally greeted and welcomed by owners Harvey, Cathy and Spike Mendelson. Spike Mendelson is Bravo’s Top Chef contestant and head chef of Good Stuff Eatery. Chef Spike sought to put a unique spin on classic American comfort food; the hamburger, French fry and milkshake. If the party’s attendance was any indication of the restaurant’s future success, chef Spike has tapped into DC’s deep desire for classic American fare with a gourmet spin.


After our greeting, we meandered through the crowd and into the chic white-walled restaurant complete with hardwood floors and accents that evoked a rustic but modern Americana. We made our way up the stairs and past a gaggle of impossibly tan women in sequin dresses to the Vodka bar, where signature drinks were being served. We all banked on the Passionate Crush (vodka, passion juice, etc) vodka cocktail and dipped and tore our way through savory cheeses and delectable finger foods.

After downing a few fruity vodka cocktails we made our way downstairs to get acquainted with Good Stuff’s toasted marshmallow milkshake, an assortment of hamburger sliders, and French fry samplers. If you eat at Good Stuff, do yourself a favor and order the Colletti Smokehouse Burger; topped full with sharp Vermont cheddar, fried Vidalia onion rings and chipotle barbecue sauce. It was the best burger we sampled and the reason we are planning on eating there this weekend- the milkshakes were tasty too.


We capped the evening by chatting out front of the restaurant. At that point we were all full from the umpteen mini-burgers we had tried and all the shakes we consumed (the fruity cocktails didn’t help). With oldies blaring from the speakers and VIPS trotting up and down the red carpet, we argued about Cuban politics, the merits of the iphone 3G and resolved to raise a toast to the success of a much needed comfort food institution on Capitol Hill… Good Stuff Eatery.

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